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Exactly in the middle of its second season, “Only Murders in the Building” has nothing to save, so it is not risky to say that chapter five is the best of this continuation that started somewhat cold, but little by little is taking shape.

The premiere season of the series broadcast by Star+ in Latin America and Hulu in the United States closed with the success of the three debuting detectives Charles (Steve Martin), Oliver (Martin Short) and Mabel (Selena Gomez), but just when they were preparing to celebrating the success of their mission, the body of Bunny (the old and curmudgeonly manager of the Arconia building) is found dead in Mabel’s apartment. This motivated the protagonists to spend several hours in jail, identified as authors of this new crime.

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After regaining their freedom and debating whether to abandon the Podcast on murders in their building or continue to “clean their honor”, Oliver, Charles and Mabel gradually discovered that the “new” killer completely disrupted the image of the crime, messing up a series of items. All this with the aim of framing them, who knows for what reason.

In the first four episodes of this second season we went through various rehearsals if we talk about the script. The secondary characters of the debut session seemed to take a little more prominence, others certainly irrelevant appeared as the new neighbor Amy Schumer (playing herself) and some rather ambiguous as Alice (Cara Delevigne). There was also an attempt to listen to the past of Bunny, an almost founder of Arconia, all of this also linked to the past of Charles Hayden Savage (her father was the lover of the mother of this second victim).

scene of "Only Murders in the Building"
Scene from “Only Murders in the Building” / Hulu

Already in the fifth chapter, it would be difficult to talk about someone who ‘steals the show’ exclusively. The writers have been right without mitigating factors: each of the three protagonists shares the same portion of greatness with moments between funny, emotional and dramatic.

We start with Mabel, who already revealed as a bisexual girl who is not afraid to love freely, is much closer to the “artist” Alice. If in the first appearance that the latter had in the series we said that she did not do much, this time she did take on some weight: she convinced Mabel to throw a surprise party at her house and, although things did not start as expected, she finally starred in a romantic love scene (starting in the bathroom and ending in the bedroom). A new couple has formed.

The other pillar of this fifth chapter corresponds to Charles Hayden Savage. The character played by Steve Martin succumbs to the affection that Jan (Amy Ryan) generated in her during the first season. Tim Kono’s killer gladly agrees to talk to him from prison and begins a double task of flirting and complicity. Before anything else, our protagonists are fundamentally curious. Charles knows that together with his colleagues they doubt Bunny’s successor in the administration of the Arconia, “but that doesn’t add up” with sincerity. It is Jan who – with her experience as a criminal – can give you some clues.

Scene from the fifth chapter of the second season of "Only Murders in the Building"
Scene from the fifth chapter of the second season of “Only Murders in the Building” / Hulu

Finally, it is Oliver Putnam who does not disappoint on this occasion either. Supported by his son Will (Ryan Broussard), his appearances in this fifth episode are as varied as they are succulent. From organizing a macabre game to discover the main suspect of a crime (where Alice ends up forced to reveal that she is not the wealthy artist she claimed to be), to strengthening the bond with her firstborn, who takes his first steps as a director. of a school play.

It is worth remembering that, from the beginning of “Only Murders in the Building”, the relationship between Oliver and Will was particular. The first, a dedicated theater director and lover of old Broadway and everything to do with it. He was able to bet even the money from his son’s college fund on a play in which he ultimately lost everything. While the second, a mysterious veterinarian, a young family man who, although suspicious because his father dedicated more time to the theater than to raising him, has not stopped feeling affection for him.

second season of "Only Murders in the Building" can be seen on Star+ (Latin America) and Hulu (United States)
Second season of “Only Murders in the Building” can be seen on Star+ (Latin America) and Hulu (United States) / Hulu

Without ‘spoiling’ the dramatic fact that will be revealed in the last moments of this chapter, that is to say that the relationship between Oliver and Will still has a lot to show us in a series that, already confirmed for a third season, does nothing but surprise us and ratify each of the reasons that gave him 17 nominations for the next Emmy.

“Only Murders in the Building” has matured chapter by chapter. It went from being the portrait of three solitary characters who, united by a Podcast that nobody listens to (that’s how it was at the beginning), end up obsessed with – in their own way – fitting together each one of the pieces with which they end up almost tripping innocently and certainly entertaining. Added to these details are elements typical of a police story, but also hints of sarcasm and satire (Podcast fans appear almost out of nowhere eating next to where the protagonists supposedly seek privacy to discuss their findings) towards a contemporary reality that doesn’t always leave room to smile.

Only Murders in the Building- Star

Director: Jamie Babbitt

Actors: Selena Gomez, Steve Martin, Martin Short, Aaron Dominguez, Jackie Hoffman

Comedy genre

Duration: 10 chapters

Ranking: 13

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