Why does Anna Wintour keep inviting the Kardashian clan to the MET Gala?

Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner… Six outstanding people who will appear in the most prestigious fashion of the past year.

Since its inception in 1995, the MET Gala has been an exclusive event bringing together the worlds of fashion, culture and film in Seoul and in one place: New York. Hosted by Anna Wintour, guests are invited at her discretion. This is a date that can be looked back on our calendar from last year: the first Monday in May. Ile mark l’Opening of the annual exhibition of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute. This year Cap sur la Nature avec”Sleeping Beauties: The Awakening of Fashion“, based on the novel Garden Temps J. G. Ballard. today’s time An event with sophistication, chic and glamor And the guest list really reflects this. Today’s thread begs the question: Did you meet Kardashian on a date by chance?

The Kardashian family and the MET Gala: history in an antinomian guise

The Kardashian clan is strong and popular, but it will be a lie devoid of this truth. Tutfua, a negative image spread by mothers America’s Most Mediatized Brotherhood. The origin of the famous book? Leur émission éponyme diffusée sur le petit écran suspension for 15 years. The names are people who sometimes engage in parasocial relationships. characters qu’ils suivent after anniversaries et qu’ils ont l’impression de connaître. Comme toute émission de teleréalité, elle est Ponctuée de controversies and other coups d’état, et bien peu de poder. The image is in stark contrast to the valuable transportation arranged for the fashionable Anna Wintour. In essence, the But du MET gala concert is collection of funds for the department of nature conservation and museum exhibitions with the highest entry price around 30,000 euros.

Anna Wintour, son of the famous opinion Sur les Kardashian

Avec plus a billion subscriptions, all accumulated on social resourcesThe Kardashian sisters have enormous influence. They are not attends the MET Gala after the annual titlesavec des tenues parfois plus ou moins according to the theme du dress code, but also with various contradictions. On their last date, Kim Kardashian exploded while wearing a period dress from Marilyn Monroe, who was mistreated during her transition.

The relationship between the fashion daddy and the clan sisters and the peculiarities of Kim Kardashian combined faits de hauts et de bas. The media claims that the editor is the chef Fashion “boycott” or “snob”, tandis qu’il est parfois Possibly de lire de encouragement de la part de la Figure “The most emblematic industry, like our children” “Le Lire dans les Colonnes du” Elle :

This is probably the cell that has changed the most. Personally, I admire the comment that I chose a very minimalistic style. It also covers a bit more.

Une chose est sûre, c’est que le The Kardashian-Jenner clan does not seem to have lost the privilege of receiving invitation cards for le MET Gala Chaque Année.

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