Open letter to Alfonso Serrano Albacetistas | Albacete BP

Hello Albasetetistas!

Almost three years ago, an adventure full of enthusiasm, desire, determination and responsibility began.

Everything went as we expected. We experienced unique moments like that day in Riazor that we will never forget. We’re even closer to getting back into the category we all want to be in and Alba deserves. But everything has an end and the time has come to part our ways.

Three months ago I announced my intention to no longer be associated with this great club, always demonstrating my professionalism, commitment and work.

I want to say goodbye to you all and thank those who opened the doors of this great club to me; to all the people in the office who are doing a great job and you don’t see it; coaches, players, staff and, of course, fans. A hobby that showed affection to me like nowhere else I had ever been, and always did.

The focus now must be on the team, which needs each of us. It’s time to come together like you always have. I am confident that with your support we will achieve our goal.

I can only wish all the best to Alba and the Albacetistas.

Thanks for everything during this time.

Alfonso Serrano.

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