Opening of RespiCast, the new ECDC center

Late last year, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) launched RespiCast. This institution was created as new European center forecasting of respiratory diseases, which will provide information on the epidemiological situation of respiratory pathologies to those responsible for healthcare organizations.

“RespiCast will build on the collaborative approach of existing COVID-19 centers by bringing together global modeling teams.”

“RespiCast will build on the collaborative approach of existing COVID-19 centres, bringing together global modeling teams, experts from diverse backgrounds and public health decision-makers,” says the ECDC director, Andrea Ammon.

This initiative marks an important milestone as this innovation center brings together world experience to eliminate these pathologies. In addition, various teams from around the world are invited to collaborate on weekly forecasts. “The results of this center will support risk assessment ECDC, i.e. analysis, assessment of public health recommendations and strategic planning of proactive actions in Member States EU/EEA,” concludes Ammon.

Using cutting-edge technology, the new center creates collaborative forecasts for increase productivityThat is, RespiCast can provide more accurate and reliable predictions than could be obtained using a single model. Likewise, with this information, decision makers will have more possibilities plan public health measures.

This information will make it easier for decision makers to plan public health interventions.

However, this project goes beyond make predictions. Through its platform, it allows participating modelers to connect with peers. outside Europe. This facilitates knowledge sharing and, in turn, improves the center’s performance.

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