Opinion column: Diego Lainez: Almoner and with a stick

It seems that Diego Lainez has not found out that his fledgling career has four years in frank decay.

No one has told you that after the adventure in Europe that turned out to be a resounding failureis not in a position to demand absolutely nothing; it’s rather time reconsiderappeal to the modesty and look for a club —wherever— to give him the opportunity to play. Because that needs play.

However, the boy and his environmentunderstand your family and representativehave not landed on the reality to the extent that they had the audacity to ask América that the player be the best paid of the campus so that he could return to Mexico.

Two million dollars yearly, no more, no less. What cheek! It goes again: Lainez has no argument to demand treatment of figuresimply because it is not.

He left Liga MX as a footballer in the process of training and the label of promiselike so many others in which they are deposited hopes and illusions sooner or later they run into reality.

And Diego didn’t take long to discover his raw and sad reality: the Betis bench with each and every one of the coaches who directed it, with everyone.

It is no coincidence that not even at the Tokyo Olympics held in 2021, where he was called to be the figure and referent From that team led by Jaime Lozano, Lainez ended up losing ownership to Uriel Antuna. Yes, yes, with Antuna.

What’s wrong with it talent, imbalance in one-on-one and that he is capable of becoming a player who, mainly entering exchanges, can be a ‘revulsive‘, It’s true. However, all this has been offered to dropper and today at 22 years old is far of being a consolidated footballer.

Not even in a league of third step In Europe and in a fairly modest club like Braga, he was able to achieve continuity that would allow him to reassess his career and offer arguments to be among those called up for the last World Cup.

But the most delicate thing is that not even those blows have done it react; and he is very young, certainly, but not a child who cannot take charge of his life and put his feet on the ground.

Just a few days ago his brother Mauro Lainez came out to declare that Diego has offers of Spain, MLS and Mexicoin addition to justifying that in a few minutes in the Portuguese club he has two goals and two assists and even stated that it is “very profitable”.

They don’t help you lying to him or making him believe that the little activity he has had at Betis, the Mexican National Team or Braga is not his responsibility, because of course it is. Or perhaps all the coaches he had were wrong because they didn’t put him to play? Or better Something’s wrong with the boy and therefore fails to stand out?

In the understanding that the decision you make in the coming days regarding your next destination will be entirely respectable Because it is about his career and his life, once again it would not seem like the best choice to return to Mexico.repatriate‘ by a team that loves throwing money away and rescuing Mexicans who fail in Europe (Omar Bravo, ‘Kikín’ Fonseca and Diego Reyes), the Tigers.

It would not be bad if those who (badly) advise him warn him that in one of those and most likely, also in the Tigers it would be banking.

Diego did not find out that América was going to do a favor throwing him a life jacket at a critical moment in his career, and far from being grateful and taking the opportunity, he demandingwith which he only achieved close the door of what was his house.

Almoner and with a garrote, they say out there.

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