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The features use artificial intelligence to enable users to perform daily activities more easily and efficiently.

Technological advances are changing the way we cope with our daily routines. An example of this is Samsung’s Galaxy AI, released in January. Present in the Galaxy S24, S23, S22 series, Galaxy Z Fold5, Z Flip5, Z Fold4, Z Flip4 and Galaxy Tab S9, this AI innovation promises to make life easier for users by offering practical and effective solutions for optimizing your daily life.

Below, discover how Galaxy AI can change your daily life with four key features:

Make your conversations more assertive with Write Assistant

Writing Assistant offers features such as conversation translation, writing style customization, and spelling and grammar correction with the help of artificial intelligence built into the Samsung keyboard, making communication efficient and accurate. This tool is especially useful for professionals who speak multiple languages ​​and need to keep their communications clear and accurate. In addition, the Writing Assistant helps tailor the tone of your writing, ensuring that communication is appropriate for different contexts and audiences. These features make conversations smoother and more professional.

Summarize and translate annotations using Notes Assistant

With Note Assistant, you can take notes and then summarize or translate them into one of the available languages, making information management easier and more accessible with the help of artificial intelligence. This feature is ideal for students and professionals who need to manage large amounts of information and documents in multiple languages. Notes Assistant lets you efficiently organize your thoughts and data, ensuring the most important information is always at your fingertips. Built-in translation capabilities further facilitate information sharing in multicultural and multilingual environments.

I transcribed the audio recordings using Transcription Assistant.

Transcription Assistant lets you efficiently transcribe audio recordings, making it easy to document and review meetings, conferences, and other events. This tool is especially useful for journalists, researchers and students who can quickly convert audio to text, saving time and effort. Transcription Assistant’s precision helps ensure nothing important is missed during transcription, providing a solid foundation for reviewing and analyzing content. This way, you can focus on the content and ideas without having to worry about taking notes manually. Additionally, you can also translate the entire transcription into one of the languages ​​available in Galaxy AI.(1).

Navigate smarter with Navigation Assistant

Navigation Assistant helps with navigation, practical organization of summaries and quick translation of information, optimizing the use of online time. This feature is useful for anyone who needs to search, translate, and organize information, such as students, marketing professionals, and researchers. Navigation Assistant further improves efficiency by providing personalized summaries and intuitively organizing data, allowing users to quickly find and use the information they need. This makes browsing the Internet more productive and less stressful.

For more information and tutorials on Galaxy AI, visit Samsung News at https://news.samsung.com/ar/.

(1) Supported languages: Chinese (China, Hong Kong), English (India, UK, USA, Australia), French (France, Canada), German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Mexico, Spain) , USA), Thai, Vietnamese, Arabic, Indonesian and Russian.

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