Pablo Casado, nephew of Ana Botín and Manuel Lao, is launching a fund to invest in defense and artificial intelligence.

The fund aims to raise €150 million for investment in European emerging technology companies, with a particular focus on Spanish SMEs.

The National Securities Market Commission (CNMV) gave the green light to the venture fund Hyperion Foundationlaunched, in particular, by the former leader of the PP Pablo Casado and Ana Botin’s nephew, Ricardo Gomez-Acebo Botinwhich will invest in the areas of aerospace, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and dual-use defense, excluding weapons and lethal technology, in accordance with Article 8 of the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation.

The fund aims to raise €150 million for investment in European emerging technology companies, with a particular focus on Spanish SMEs to support their growth, competitiveness and internationalization. The manager of this fund is Singular Asset Managementowned by Singular Bank.

The main investor is NorthiaHe family office Manuel Lao, also a shareholder Sasir, Merlin, Arcane Magic and from the beginning of January from MyInvestor, as well as from Q-energy fund managers, Makvin, Serena and Sayain which he is also a reference investor along with Iberdrola From below Andromeda.

The four partners of the investment team are experts in the field of industrial security and defense, such as Joaquin Ortiz Escobar And Jose Antonio Bartrina Jimenezin the field of geostrategy and international relations, such as Pablo Casado Blanco, and in the field of finance and investment, such as Ricardo Gómez-Acebo Botín, as well Daniel Lorraineas director.

In addition, it has international advisory board created by the former NATO Secretary General and former Prime Minister of Denmark, Anders Fogh RasmussenAmbassador and former US Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs, Paula Dobrianskyor former Minister of Defence, Interior, Justice and Foreign Affairs of France, Michel Alliot-Marie.

He also has Saab’s Director of Information Systems, Robert Murraysenior advisor to the Rothschilds, Richard Hurowitzand unicorn investors Martin Varsavsky And Nicole Junkermann.

The Hyperion Fund’s investment team has a “very advanced” portfolio of projects with “high estimated returns” that could represent an opportunity for financial diversification and sector differentiation for potential investors, being “one of the first European funds in this vertical.”

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