Passed and failed from “Athletic”: Vivian and Paredes, brutal, and Berenguer, playing Nico sharply

Agirrezabala: Forced to touch two balls. In another match against Memphis, he made a mistake that almost gave him a goal. Very good with the ball in the air, dominates the box and saves Griezmann. He saved another carom after Lecue served under the sticks.

Leque: New in the Eleven collection from De Marcos. He closed his zone despite the demands of the opponent, although at times he was defeated by Lino, whom Atlético were actively looking for. In the 86th minute, he received the ball on the line, but it burst.

They lived: Very bold in striking, safe and strong. Yellow for knocking Lino down. In the final period, he headed home a strategic shot at the far post.

Walls: He saved Memphis’ shot. Griezmann demanded of him, but he more than complied. He had a tough fight in the corners with Savich. He is very attentive to refusals. Titanium.

Berchish: Strong in arguments. He remained motionless on his side. Finally he got angry. He has character.

Meadows: Headline from Vesga. At a great moment. Long throw. Reinildo gave him a clear penalty on the edge of the forward line. Recovery. Yellow. He got kicked a lot. Traded for Herrera.

Galarreta: He tried to dominate a wide area, immersing himself more in containment tasks.

Sunset: Very involved at the defensive level. He turned around several times. He received tarasada. The relief in the second period had some effect.

Williams: The pressure is very high, but very alert. He had a chance that Lino would win back. When it seemed like it wasn’t his night, he would become overwhelmed and seek tickles behind the mattress.

Guruzeta: When the balls fall, there is constant pressure in the high block. He nearly threw another interception. He was succeeded by Villalibre.

Berenguer: Starter after injury and loss of Nico Williams. He scored the penalty against Prados without breaking a sweat. He tested Oblak’s reflexes on a corner kick.

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Unai Gomez: Sunset hit something in the 52nd: he hit the goal hard from the front, Oblak cleared the ball and Villalibre sent the ball into the net. Yellow with Mora in a tactical foul.

Villalibre: Guruzeta almost scored in the 52nd minute ten minutes later after Unai Gomez’s strike. There are many collisions with central defenders, although they are overwhelmed.

Herrera: Through Prados at 60 to maintain intensity.

Yeray: For Williams, he jumped up in the 84th minute to reinforce Morata’s surveillance with three centre-backs. In the 91st minute, he took a penalty against Morata, hitting his ankle with his toe, and regretted it. Although VAR canceled it due to the striker being offside.

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