Passed by, this is Eva Green’s best film

Eva Green delivers a tabloid performance that combines strength and sensitivity in Alice Winokur’s 2019 film Proxima when she’s not waiting, hello, pas-connu-le-success-de-sa-sort-in-the-hall.

Next: Eva Green to conquering her work

Sorti in 2019, Next Alice Winokur chronicles the preparation of French astronaut Sarah Loreau (played by Eva Green) as she is selected to go on a cutting-edge space mission to the ISS. This mission, which represents “Rêve de sa vie”, “et pour lequel elle s’est durement entraîné”, notes également la Future Separation d’avec sa fille unique de sept et qu’elle elève seule, Stella, qu’elle ne verra pas pendant un an. Three mergerswe see the rivalry with these boulevards among those that Sarah debuts, the son of an intense hobby and is guilty of not being a clergyman plus time on Stella.

Alisa Vinokur’s feature-length film is reminiscent of space, although we have never seen it. Il s’attache au contraire à retranscrire tout ce qui rattache Sarah à la Terre, alors qu’elle s’apprête à la challenger. Come dance First man Damien Chazelle, in general, is the man who is the center of the reading sur la conquest of the stars.

The rat catcher urgently

The large public is the image of Eva Green, interpreting the roles of femme fatales, characters in costumes, voluptuous images or three makeups (note from Tim Burton, with whom she collaborated in three). This is not Milady’s last role in the mysterious game. Three Musketeers who cheated on the lady. Dance NextAlisa Vinokur chose a way to capture all these arts so that the film would not be a rarity on the screen (à l’Exception de Great meaning varieties in 2012). Sa performance, advertising and retentionbetween strength and sensitivity, this is the value for César’s first Best Actress nomination in 2020.

Portant très réussi, Next Failed to achieve success in halls with 100,000 accumulated snacks after September operation.

They arrived at Arte est une bonne raison pour le rattraper, si vous ne l’avez vu. The film is available for free in replay.

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