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When should we do routine inspection To know how healthy we are, it is important to understand that there are common tests in which blood draws, urine samples and x-rays are essential to get an overall picture. In addition, talking to a doctor will allow the specialist to take into account our symptoms, if any. Thanks to this, after reading the analyses, the responsible specialist can prescribe additional studies in accordance with the anamnesis, where personal anamnesis is of vital importance.

In personal history, for example, Reference is made to the existence of old episodes of illnesses or accidents from which we have suffered throughout our lives prior to the date of the medical history. Likewise, knowledge of pathologies suffered by our relatives is important to rule out any genetic inheritance that may (or may not) be activated over time.

Besides, also assessed presence of allergies to some medications. Therefore, it is very important to mention the medications we are taking or any special type of diet, such as high sodium, low calorie or high protein. So we move on to basic tests such as glucose levels, liver and lipid profiles, urinalysis, blood tests, and chest x-rays, and then move on to more specific tests based on our history.

Regular checkups are extremely important for our health.

What examinations are necessary for our health?

Sputum examination For example, it helps us determine the quality of salivary secretions, as well as the possibility that the bronchial secretions secreted together contain some bacteria that can cause inflammation, difficulty breathing, fever, cough or other clinical manifestations.

On the other side, digestive endoscopy They help determine the quality of the stomach’s epithelium, which often becomes inflamed, causing gastritis, a condition that causes a burning pain that radiates to the upper abdomen, just below the sternum. In the same way, That colonoscopy It is used to detect any changes in the epithelium of the colon, for example, in patients with chronic constipation, diverticulosis, polyps and others.

Day after day, Images are vital in the field of traumatology. as they help us determine surgical technique in patients who have suffered a fracture or may have pain in bones such as the tibia or femur where stress fractures may occur. MRI This gives us greater resolution than X-rays and also allows us to see the soft parts of the human body. This is very useful for patients with cancer or those who need to undergo routine examination due to an important family history.

In the field of gynecology, tests such as He Pap smear They help determine the likelihood that a woman may or may not have cervical cancer, one of the most common types of cancer. Also, That mammography This will help exclude oncological pathologies in the mammary gland.

Cardiology can help us through a stress test, determine the heart’s response to physical activity. Moreover, with its lines electrocardiogram This tells us whether electrical conduction in the heart is good or defective.

Spermatogram It is very important to be able to monitor sperm motility, as well as the absence or presence of infection in the sperm. On the other side, That Ultrasound It is also extremely important in obstetrics and the field of sports medicine.

Thus, we have many examinations and tests that help us determine whether we are in optimal health or not. If we organize all our files for annual monitoring, we will be able to apply prevention at the highest level. I would even believe that more than 70% of diseases can be avoided if you discipline and monitor your health.

In this sense, it is critical to reflect on our health goals for 2024. For example, they might consider rehabilitating a specific joint, trying to control my blood pressure through exercise and reducing sodium in my diet, improving my sleep quality, being physically active five times a week, improving my hormonal control, and more.

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