Patients and neurologists demand early diagnosis to stop multiple sclerosis disability | News

Early diagnosis is the key to success minimize injuries that occur when suffering sclerosis. Because it is a degenerative disease, patients’ symptoms worsen as the disease progresses. They call it the disease of a thousand faces and this Thursday is celebrated as Multiple Sclerosis Day. A day when associations and neurologists emphasize the need for early diagnosis. They note that In Aragon, 1,500 people have been diagnosed. and experts say the disease has changed dramatically and can now be stopped.

“Now you can see me very well, but on bad days I spend not on the street, but at home, and on good days I’m not going to sit at home and cry because I have this disease,” says Nika Rodriguez. . For her, sclerosis This meant loss of vision on the right side and partial hearing.. He was diagnosed with this chronic neurological disease during the pandemic, at the age of 30. Three of the four victims are women. Now, he says, he doubles down on his good days, devoting them to, for example, helping others;

“When you are diagnosed with this disease “It’s a slab and you need a lot of information because it can evolve in different ways and in different forms,” explains Juanjo Martin, President of the Teruel Multiple Sclerosis Association (ATUEM). On this day they want to declare that early diagnosis is necessary to defeat the disease.

“They need to be studied, you need to go to the family doctor, and the family doctor, if he has doubts, will refer you to a neurologist to study the situation. Because “If we arrive earlier, we will treat earlier and sooner stop the disability that may cause the disease,” says neurologist Pilar Ruiz. In this fight to stop symptoms, information also plays a key role.

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