Pau Kubarsi received 2 offers from 2 Premier League greats

Pau Kubarsi is one of Barça’s great hopesand at the same time one of the biggest problems existing at the moment. Let’s start on the positive side: he has established himself as a player with exceptional quality and terrifying potential. She returned the trust that Javi Hernandez placed in her and she is now part of the first team, although she started the campaign with Juvenil A.

And we must remember that we are talking about a boy who is only 17 years old and who was a cadet just a few months ago. But his development is rapid, and after establishing himself in the reserve team while competing in RFEF’s Primera, he now admires EA Sports’ La Liga. To the point where fans prefer him to be in the starting lineup, ahead of other more experienced players such as Jules Kounde, Andreas Christensen or Inigo Martinez.

Pau Kubarsi

Joan Laporta and Deco want to bet on the former Girona player and that from next year he will have the number and record of the first team, and transfer one of the central defenders that the Camp Nou has. In addition, they are also working to renew the Spanish player in the lower categories to sign a long-term contract and reward his progress with a salary increase. And thus, a high dismissal clause will also be imposed on him, as was the case with Lamin Yamal.

The Moroccan-born Spaniard, who belongs to the same generation as Koubarsi, both born in 2007, has bail of 1 billion euros. while Pau has only 10 kilograms. And this has caused many teams to accept him and try to force him to leave Barça in the coming months. The first is Chelsea, who want to get their hands on La Masia’s latest jewel, and Todd Boely has an offer ready.

Todd Boeli/Photo: EFE

Mauricio Pochettino is unhappy with the defenders at his disposal and has asked for reinforcements. And they want to secure the loan of a promising centre-back who is destined to become one of the best on the planet in the future.

Manchester United hope to turn Kubarsi into the next Gerard Pique

Apart from Londoners, Manchester United also intend to deal the death blow to Laporta and Deco and sign Kubarsi. They will try to entice him with a very high salary and guarantees that he will be a regular starter, thus repeating the operation they carried out with Gerard Pique two decades ago.

Will Pau remain loyal to Barcelona?

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