Paulista: “This is a very big opportunity, I’m ready”

The Brazilian defender Gabriel Paulista, the latest player of Atlético Madrid, suggested this Friday that he would join the red-white team before the end of the season as a “great opportunity”, noted that he felt “very prepared” and said that he “offers ” from other clubs, but the protection of this shield is “special.”

“Everything was very fast,” he said twice during his presentation this Friday in the hall of the Civitas Metropolitano stadium. Last Sunday he played for Valencia against Atlético Madrid. on the same stage; On Tuesday he traveled to Madrid again to complete the signing of the contract; On Wednesday this was already a fact and he was already called up for the match against Rayo Vallecano, although he had no minutes. This Sunday the derby against Real Madrid will take place at the Santiago Bernabeu.

I had suggestions, but what excited me the most was that protecting this shield was a very big opportunity.. I have a pretty good background in football, but the protection of this shield is something special. And my family. All this made me choose to stay here in Spain, because another place, another country would be a very big difficulty for them,” he explained.

“We are very happy and very blessed. It was a surprise for everyone. For my Valencia teammates too. Such football events can happen. My children, my family and my friends are very happy to be here and can now enjoy the moment,” continued Gabriel Paulista, who insisted on the opportunity that is coming at Atlético.

“This is a great opportunity for me, my career and my family. I’m very happy to be here to defend this club. I know what is it. I also know the fans a little bit. I know how to protect this shield.” I’m very ready for the first games, whenever it is, whether it’s Sunday or whenever. I want to defend as best as I can,” he said.

Red and white fans

“This is a club that always participates in all competitions. This is a club that wants to win. He wants to win titles. You need to get used to it.” I’m here to help my teammates, coach and this club. continue to grow more and more,” added the centre-back, “physically prepared to be able to compete” when the coach makes his decision.

We didn’t talk much with Simeone, because we didn’t have that much time for it. If I have to play on Sunday, I know what kind of derby it is. This is a fantastic match for the crowd and everyone. I’m also used to playing derby. “I’m ready mentally and physically,” the defender said.

“The locker room is incredible. A lot of things surprised me. It’s a very happy, very familiar locker room,” said Gabriel Paulista, who also spoke about Antoine Griezmann: “He is one of the best players in the world”. I suffered a lot playing against them and now I want to enjoy playing with them. “He’s a very smart player, he can play the ball very well, he can finish well, he has a good pass and he made a great pass on goal the other day.”

“The few days that I’ve been here, he’s like a child in the locker room. He always jokes with his teammates. It also made me feel a little calmer because you come here, you’re new, you always have a little bit of nerves and seeing him next to me made me very calm with his jokes, his music in the locker room… Now let’s Let’s enjoy being with him,” continued the defender, who has played for Valencia for the last six and a half years.

Some of his words were praise for the Atlético fans: “I have played here several times. There was a game we won 1-2 (against Valencia) and suddenly the fans started showing an energy that couldn’t be explained. Team” Play with them. Fans play with the team. We had a great first half in that game. I know how hard it is to play here. Now I want to feel how the fans play for this club,” he said.

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