Paunovic confirms the departure of Ormeño: “We respect his contract” Halftime

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The time of the so-called “Ormedeus” in Guadalajara lasted a breath. This Wednesday, The Chivas coach, Veljko Paunovic, confirmed that Santiago Ormeño is not part of his plansbut that his contract will be respected and they will seek accommodation in another club for the Clausura 2023 that has already begun.

In a press conference, the Serbian was clear and accepted that they had to make the decision before the large number of attackers with people like Alexis Vega, José Juan Macías and the newcomer Daniel Ríos, reiterating that they will respect the three-year bond of the Mexican-Peruvian.

Santiago (Ormeño) is our player under contract and we will always respect this. The issue of not entering into plans is an order by which we go and by which we measure our campus. With the addition of Daniel Ríos, the situation up front is bunching up and you have to make decisions, we always go based on what we think is best for the team and the way we want to play and plan the next game”, said the rojiblanco coach.

There is nothing more to say about that.. We have had a conversation with Santiago this week to tell him how things are. Always we will respect him, his family and his situation with us, but also understand that there is (internal) competition here and there will be even more.”

Whoever sits in a secondary role, better come out: Paunovic

The Serbian used the announcement of Ormeño’s departure as a message to the rest of the Chivas elements, reminding them that anyone who feels relegated from now on or lowers their arms to fight for a position has nothing to do with the team.

If we have someone who feels the second or third optionor are you playing second fiddle right now and want to drop out, of course you it’s not for us. Whoever sits in a secondary role and wants to improve that role has to earn it in training,” he said.

With us there are always opportunitiesTraining comes first and we closely evaluate everyone’s performance and what we want is for everyone to feel connected”.

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