PAUVRES CREATURES by Yorgos Lanthimos: film criticism

Name : Poor things
Pere : Yorgos Lanthimos
Date of Birth: January 17, 2024
Type: foray into the hall
Nationality : USAGE
Taile : 2h21 / Poids : North Carolina
Genre : comedy, drama, fantasy

Family book: Emma Stone, Mark Ruffalo, Willem Dafoe…

Special features: Uniquely brilliant.

Short description: Bella is a young woman groomed into the lifestyle by the brilliant and orthodox Doctor Godwin Baxter. Sous sa protection, elle a soif d’apprendre. To discover a world where everyone ignores him, he comes into the world with Duncan Wedderburn, an experienced and depraved lawyer, and sets off on an unforgettable odyssey across continents. Impervious to the prejudices of the era, Bella is determined not to submit to the principles of equality and liberation.



Voilà un movie qui pourrait faire grand brit lors de la prochaine Cérémonie des Oscars du haut de ses 11 nominations. Let’s start the course with the statue of the Greatest Actress, who looks good among the main characters of Emma Stone. Five-day period after lunch FavoriteGreek cinema of Yorgos Lanthimos, comedy retrospective for the fort able to come to Chatuiller les pieds du mastodonte Oppenheimer lors de la grande messe du cinéma. Film adaptation of the novel by Alasdair Gray. Poor creatures It is a mixture of retrofuturist fantasy, black comedy and gothic drama (pour la faire courte), intended to write a fable about the world and the return to the parks of the women who committed suicide in order to commit violence in Mary. Ramenée à la vie par un scientifique qui a replace son cerveau par celui de son enfant à naître, Bella va (re)découvrir le monde.

What story! Quel cineaste! What a comedic actress! And the combination of these three exclamations in one four-hour film: quel Film! Ou plutôt, quel très grandfilm! Passage of this story about sexual changes, sex, naivety, socialism, patriarchal dominance, traveling the world, love, love, free feminism, exploitative relationships, violence, vagina, life and experience, Yorgos Lanthimos signs the film huge, constamment nourri par des reflexions sur l’état du monde currentuel. The revolt of feminists and capitalism riots on the aisle with a sweet respect that helps me preserve the spirit of life in humanity à la dérive, Poor creatures This is a master class where you never know what kind of intelligence you have.

Peu à la maniere Edward o Maine d’Argent, Poor creatures This is an open world odyssey. Porté par la iveté chère à son cerveau de nouveau, not in the adult building, Bella did not break the pas de dous. This is a new page that cannot be given an encore and is conditioned by norms, ideas, a vehicle. Elle va ainsi observer of the world when he tours, this is a direct contradiction of elementary logic. La violence, la pauvreté, le patriarchat qui a peur, la revolte des femmes soumises, l’innocence perdue, la cupidité, lesnors que que entrevent la liberté, tel est le tableau qui defile sous ses ses yeux plongés dans l’incontehension. Décalage entre sa candide fraîcheur et la realité du monde qu’elle appréhende sans avoir les codes, va naître des momente de grande drôlerie. Des moment d’une grande crauté also. However, Lanthimos comes true in prison, reflecting the thoughts that dictate our conclusions and the nonsense that dictates the march of peace.

A lecture on the Frankenstein myth in modern allegory, Poor creatures This is a film of contrasts, à la fois fou et lucid, magnificent and angry, funny and smart, radical and accessible, complex and simple, triumphant and uncomfortable, cruel and moving. Yorgos Lanthimos’ best film today. Unlike Emma Stone, as always in my days of injustice, her hallucinating performance deserves an Oscar plus merit. She brings her inquisitive dedication to a role full of fantasy film magic that is original, inventive and unexpected. Science fiction and fantasy cinema has become a rare phenomenon.

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