Pedro Rocha’s presidency is complicated

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The Spanish Football Federation can continue to operate in its temporary situation. After seven months in charge of the Governance Commission chaired by Pedro Rocha, his official appointment to the presidency remains in doubt. The Electoral Commission is looking into the Miguel Galan issue, which could invalidate the electoral process..

After a weekend of great uncertainty due to the investigation that the prosecutor’s office has discovered against Rocha, the Electoral Commission is studying this Monday whether Rocha meets the requirements to become president and whether he accepts the challenge posed by Galan, president of CENAFE. Even though it arrived after the deadline, the Election Commission is examining its contents to check whether it is viable or rejecting it.

Pedro Rocha received 107 approvals out of 139 in the Assembly.significantly superior required bar 21. Rocha was the only candidate. Carlos Herrera received eight endorsements, but that was far from the limit. So the original intention was to officially proclaim Pedro Rocha as president this Monday, although it looks like that won’t happen.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAD) demands the election of a president as a formality, so that he will be the figure who calls the elections to the Assembly, which will simultaneously vote for the new rector of the EFF.

On the other hand, Rocha is awaiting the TAD’s decision on a possible disqualification. The TAD meets regularly on Thursdays and has not yet addressed this issue in the last two sessions.

Elections to the Assembly should take place in the Olympic year and the winning candidate will be elected to a four-year term.

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