PEMA’s hydrogen plant in Soria is now at the start of testing.

The first plant was put into operation. green hydrogen from Soria, and Castile and Leon are getting closer. If all goes according to plan, the infrastructure that is developing hand in hand with Somacil and Redexis in the Ecological Business Park (PEMA) will begin production in just over two months, in April. Sources close to the project spoke about this. The testing phase will begin in just a few days of all equipment after completion of construction work and connections.

Construction work on the PEMA hydrogen plant began in September last year in accordance with an agreement signed between Somacyl and Redexis. As reported by the media from sources close to the project, the civil works phase was completed at the end of 2023, postponing the design, acquisition and acceptance of equipment included in the energy complex. The year 2023 said goodbye to the construction of all facilities, both main and auxiliary. The cost of the plant alone is 6.8 million euros, although the overall project increases this figure to 10 million.

In the first weeks of 2024, work will focus on networking between different teams of the plant with the expectation that by the end of the month the task will be fully completed. In this sense, the intention is that once these works are completed, called the equipment field testing phase to immediately move to the commissioning phase.

Sources close to the project spoke about this.The testing phase will take place in February and March. and they will enable the infrastructure to be ready to commission and produce green hydrogen, clean and climate-neutral energy, which should increase the attractiveness of PEM and encourage new companies to enter.

The green hydrogen production plant will serve the PEMA area, mainly occupying an area of ​​almost 3 square meters.,000 square meters in which, in addition to the office and control building, there are water storage tanks and auxiliary rooms for management and control, air conditioning, lighting, security… LThe power plant’s capacity will be 2.5 megawatts. and assumes hydrogen production of 477 Nm3/hour and 2,146,500 Nm3/year – (NM3: normal cubic meter is a measurement used for ease of reproduction in the laboratory) -.

The plant project is being supplemented hydrogen pipeline which will require an investment of approx. 3 million euros and will be about 7 kilometers long.With. Redexis then explained that the new hydrogen pipeline “will allow the transport of up to 465 tons per year.” The calculations used are that the hydrogen pipeline could be operational towards the final months of 2024, “allowing businesses, shops and industry in the area of ​​influence to receive 100% renewable energy.”

The commissioning of the PEMA hydrogen plant will also be another important step towards creating first industrial energy community which the Council is already working on. This is a pioneering Community initiative. Essentially, this is about ensuring that all companies can meet their energy and heat needs through 100% renewable generation, which takes place in PEMA itself or in its surroundings. This will reduce costs, reduce losses and reduce the price of energy transportation. In this community the sources will be solar energy, wind, biomass, hydrogen or biomethane.

2024 is marked as the year when PEMA will begin to develop after the countless obstacles it has had to overcome since its inception. Environment City more than ten years ago. At the business level it is already known that in the first quarter of the year they will hand over their offices to PEMA as Moreno Saez as Asfoso and during this year the installation of ryohans should be completed Viger Group. It is also expected that in the near future Losan make the final decision on the implementation of your important project in this industrial zone. On the other hand, the completion of various works currently underway at PEMA is also expected to be completed during this year, with the completion of urbanization by mid-year as the first noticeable feature and with work on 5 of the 7 domes facing by December.

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