“Penalty for number 23. No card, just a penalty”

ANDFriday’s match between Sevilla and Alaves left us with the first public audio recording of a conversation between an on-field referee and a VAR referee in Spain. In the 77th minute of the match, the referee Hernandez Hernandez he allowed the game to continue without interpreting the penalty Benavides O Mariano. The Canary referee stopped the game after a violation, and it was at that moment Polished Santana He was notified by VAR to review the play.

At this point, a recording of the conversation between the on-field referee and the VAR referee begins to play. This is the first time it can be heard in Spain and from five games First controversial this weekend, the only one in which the referee had to walk up to the screen to review the action.

Conversation between Hernandez Hernandez and Pulido Santana

Pulido Santana (VAR): “I recommend you go look at the screen.”

Hernandez Hernandez (Referee): “Do you have the images ready? I speak!”

Pulido Santana (VAR): “Everything is checked and everything is prepared”

Hernandez Hernandez (Referee): “Come on, let’s go there”

The Canarian referee approaches the screen to watch the game and asks the bench to calm down before seeing the images.

Hernandez Hernandez (Referee): “Gentlemen, calm down on the bench. We will check”

Pulido Santana (VAR): “I show you the point of impact, and then I show it in dynamics.”

Hernandez Hernandez (Referee): “OK, great”

Pulido Santana (VAR): “You see, this is expected”

Hernandez Hernandez (Referee): “Let me see who’s playing ball.”

Judge: “Who plays the ball is critical”

Hernandez Hernandez (Referee): “I need a front kick to see who is playing the ball. It is very important to see who is playing with the ball. Do we have another strike? attack. Penalty number 23. No card. Only penalty”

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