Pentiment and Grounded will also be released on PS5 and PS4: Xbox confirms all release dates

Today was the day when Xbox gradually and in different ways announced release of four exclusives to other consoles from Sony and Nintendo. To recap, the company published an article on its official blog that reviews all the announcements made today and reveals some more launches that weren’t as popular as others.

For example, during today’s Nintendo Direct it was announced that Grounded And Pentiment They will have a Switch version, but Xbox later also confirmed that both games They will appear on PlayStation consoles on the same day.:

Sea of ​​Thieves And HiFi Rush go to PS5

From Grounded It has also been confirmed that at launch it will allow cross play between all platformsthat is, PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Switch users will be able to share games Online. This was also confirmed Sea of ​​Thievespirate game coming to PS5 cross play confirmed on Xbox and PC.

The fourth game will be HiFi RushWhat was also confirmed as it will have a PS5 version next month. Like Sea of ​​Thieves, it won’t appear on PS4 or Nintendo Switch. Below you can see the release dates for these games on new platforms:

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