People remember Ariana Grande’s boyfriend Ethan Slater

Fans are making memes about Ariana Grande’s boyfriend and… Wicked co-star Ethan Slater’s red carpet appearance was described as awkward by many.

On November 27, 2023, the Broadway Direct TikTok account (@broadwaydirect) posted an interview with Ethan Slater, who attended the Monty Python premiere. Spamalot on Broadway. The actor spoke about filming the upcoming Wicked film, scheduled for release in November.

“Filming Wicked “You were incredible,” the actor said on the red carpet. “We treated the show with so much love and care. …I think everyone’s mind will explode. …Everyone who loves Wicked “He’ll be really happy because these characters are treated with such love and care.”

But while Slater gushed about the upcoming film, fans were hooked on another aspect of the interview: Slater’s awkward pauses and facial expressions during the conversation. It didn’t help that Broadway Direct posted the interview with TikTok’s Stitch feature enabled, encouraging users to stitch together videos of themselves to imitate the actor’s awkward mannerisms.

Sarah Freeze (@freezerburnd) received over 2 million views on her post in which she simply imitated Slater’s facial expression. Viewers of the video were very surprised.

“He’s totally into Bella Poarch,” one user wrote, referring to TikToker-turned-singer Bella Poarch.

“The mouse in his hair tells him what to do, I know it,” wrote another, apparently referring to Slater’s resemblance to the animated character Alfredo Linguini in Ratatouille.

“I hope Ariana sees this,” wrote another.

“Everything I learn about this man is against my will,” he further said.

@freezerburnd #stitch with @Broadway Direct ♬ original sound – Sarah Freese

A number of platform users who edited videos from Broadway Direct managed to create a viral moment. Boring (@me9804) received over 3.5 million views for her post in which she mocked Slater’s affectation in an interview.

“He gave Poarch a nice expression,” another viewer said, noting the similarity of his awkward smile to the facial expressions Poarch is known to make in his videos.

For those unaware, Poarch is a Filipino-American musician and social media personality who rose to fame after a zoomed-in TikTok video of her lip-syncing to the British rap song “M to the B” went viral and became one of them. one of the most popular posts on the platform. Following her viral moment, Poarch signed with Warner Records and released her first music video in May 2021.

“Is this the smile that made Ariana’s knobby knees go weak?” – asked another viewer.

“He didn’t have the same love and care for his mom and new baby, though,” joked a third, referring to the fact that Slater left behind a wife and son who were just under two years old.

Fans criticized Grande and Slater for their new relationship, calling both “home wreckers.” The relationship first became public knowledge in July, just days after Grande announced her split from ex-husband Dalton Gomez. Slater’s ex-wife Lily Jay also spoke about this. Page six in an exclusive interview about how Grande is “not a girl” and that her family has become “collateral damage.”

Following the release of Grande’s latest single, “Yes, And,” which appeared to be a reference to her drama with Slater, the singer faced backlash from fans who criticized her for playing “the other woman.” The singer also lost more than 360,000 subscribers in a month.

Like Boring, TikToker Taywenzl (@taywezl) had a viral moment after she posted a similar stitched video mocking Slater’s interview. Tivenzle’s video, which has 4 million views, cuts from Slater to herself, imitating his weird smile to the side.

“This is the creepiest thing, why did he do this?” said one viewer.

“He’s like a ventriloquist’s dummy,” another funny commenter said.

“Theater kid smiling,” wrote a third.

The Daily Dot requested additional information from Sarah via an Instagram direct message and from Boring and Taivenzle via a TikTok comment.


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*First Published: Jan 26, 2024 9:00 PM CST.

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