PERFECT DEBUT! Club America starts Clausura 2024 with victory over Atlas

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He American Club appeared at Coapa facilities to receive Satin Red-black within the first day Closing 2024 belonging Liga MX Femenil. In this match the coach Villa AngelCampa decided to make up its lineup of Itzel Velasco, Karina Rodriguez, Andrea Pereira, Sabrina Enciso, Karen Luna, Aurelie Cacha, Natalia Mauleon, Angelica Saldivar, Sarah Lubbert, Mia Suazua and Kiana Palacios.

Actions of Club America against Atlas

In the first minutes of the match American Club He failed to open the market, however he had a chance in the 21st minute when the referee Edgar Ulises Rangel Araujo indicated a fine in favor Eagles, the one who decided to execute Andrea Pereirabut, given the visiting goalkeeper’s good reaction, she prevented the goal with two outstanding saves.

In the 30th minute a corner was awarded. Americabut the goalkeeper again responded with an excellent save. Eagles of America However, they insisted on the opposite goal until it fell apart. Right in the extra part (5 minutes), Kiana Palacios He lined up to cause damage to the goal Atlas with a large cut, but did not connect and appeared on the rebound Maria Mauleon, who hit him from the right, sent the ball into the goal and made the score 1-0.

Second half: Club America – Atlas

For the second part, American Club wanted to increase his advantage, so the coach Angel Villacampa decided to make changes to my position by removing Angelica Montserrat Saldivar And Mia Alexia Suazua give access to Katie Martinez
And Noemi Granados, respectively. Atlas He did the same with the modification in search of a tie.

Eagles of America They continued to press in search of their second goal of the day. Atlas He wanted to take advantage of the fact that this did not happen and make even more changes to his lineup. However, the azulcrema team soon responded with a header in the 59th minute. Sarah Lubbert, giving 2-0.

Trainer Angel Villacampa He adjusted his tactics again and took out Kachi and Karen Luna give access to Betsy Cuevas And Mariana Cadena at a distance of 68 minutes of running. Atlas His strategist did not give up in search of a draw. Robert Medina He made other changes that worked for him as he achieved his goal in the 72nd minute with a shot into the box. Maria Paula Salas it will be 2-1. At 80 feet more Azulcrema reinforcements entered. Diana Martin To Sarah Lubbert causing a difference when facing rivals.

Finally, American Club He saved three points Closing of MX League 2024., having a yellow card, two corners and five substitutions in his first game. His next engagement will be next Thursday, January 11th, before Centellas de Necaxa.


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