Pharrell Williams renews unprecedented collaboration with Miley Cyrus

Chanson, continue the fans under the pseudonym ” Doctor “, this is very important for the album Bangers Miley Cyrus in 2013.

For every music album published for pop producers, unidentified other recordings were left in the editing room: verses that were never transformed, ever chosen plus, original demos that were transformed completely during the long process of de creation… During recent events on the Internet, many of these songs never left the disc with their books in warehouses. More so than Pharrell Williams at the behest of Louis Vuitton, he brought his files with him and took advantage of the perfect moment to revive an unpublished collaboration with Miley Cyrus.

Mardi, during the rebroadcast of the live presentation of the homme automne-hiver 2024 collection, la voix de la chanteuse a retenti tandis que les mannequins evolve in a labyrinth of tracks in the garden of acclimatization in Paris. Chanson, continue the fans under the pseudonym ” Doctor “, this became a reality on the way to the premiere in December 2017. Elle aurait été créée il ya plus de dix ans lors des session d’enregistrement du quatrième album studio de Cyrus, Bangerssorti in 2013.

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The passwords of the first verse correspond to the fact that fans ont pu connaître sur la version moins soignée qui a fueté, but most of all the version que a été diffusée and été reécrite à somes endroits et semble avoir été complètement reenregistrée.

Four chansons Bangers, and includes a variety of bonuses including credit ratings and/or Williams’ production. A duet from a musical ensemble that sounds like Cyrus’s voice sounds like ” Come on take it baby » only from the album GIRL du Producteur in 2014.

L’année dernière, quelques mois après la sortie du dernier album de Cyrus, Endless summer holidays The collected album ended up on Spotify and Apple Music under the pseudonym Clara Pierce. I finally retired, an album called Down with me this is a composition of high quality songs coming from Cyrus’ previous albums, note Bangers, Miley Cyrus and her dead petetc. EP 2019 She goes.

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