Phil Spencer, Sarah Bond and Matt Booty reveal the future of Xbox

Three heavyweights will address rumors of the end of exclusivity on the platform

This is the big event of the week and perhaps the most important in recent years. After a wave of rumors about Xbox Exclusive GamesFinally, Phil Spencer assured that we will learn new details about the future of the brand and Microsoft He just indicated when we can find out what awaits us.

will be next February 15 at 21:00 in Spain (14:00 in CDMX) when we can tune in to the broadcast that the company has prepared. Obviously with VidaExtra we’ll be reporting live on everything that happens in the show, which will feature Phil Spencer, Sarah Bond and Matt Booty, three of the brand’s top heavyweights.

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We’re talking about the CEO of Microsoft Gaming, the President of Xbox, and the Director of Research for Xbox, so there’s an inevitable appointment ahead. The amazing thing is that you can follow everything that happens through YouTube, but the title is: Official Xbox Podcastso this is sure to be a very deep exhibition.

Let’s remember that all signs point to Starfield, Hi-Fi Rush and Indiana Jones and the Great Circle moving to other systems like the PS5 and Nintendo Switch, which represents a paradigm shift for exclusivity in the industry. We will receive answers very soon.

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