PHOTO – From Jennifer Lopez to Hailey Bieber… The fashionable “yoke” Cheveux seduit advertises generations

After the phenomenon of viral “barbicore” in social networks and the success of “balletcore”, c’est la tenance “coquette” qui donne le la in this 2024 debut.

This trend, characteristic of the appearance of men and women, is developing in all areas of beauty: from makeup to manicure and hairstyle. Ongles laiteux, Joués Teintées de Rose, etc. satin knots in hairstylesse nouveau looks ultra neat shake Toile et seduit les célébrités. In an interview, according to pop sugarDevin Toth, hairdresser at Salon SCK, explains that this trend “the embodiment of hyperfeminism”. Côté coiffure, pensez nattes, serres-têtes perlés and avalanche nuds. A horizon of celebrities who succumbed to the call to be a “flirt”.

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Jennifer Lopez

After Jennifer Lopez runs the Elie Saab show on Monday, January 22 at the Schiaparelli runway show, she chooses Valentino, or she chooses a tailored and chic silhouette. For the last coup d’etat in Paris, stars and paint for the ruban in le shevo. Translator Let’s be loud To use this accessory, you need to achieve success that will complete the look.

Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber is also a big fan of the “flirty” trend. In a post published on Instagram on December 3, it-girl retravaillé son carré de la plus feminine des manières. A young woman rocks a well-styled half-up hairstyle with a satin knot attached.

Carla Ginola

Chignon-plaque and rouble-pink the new author of de l’attache, Carla Ginola, also succumbed to the call for a “coquette” le November 15th. The look was almost childlike, like a rabir, and it was inappropriate.

Vittoria de Savoia

On January 23 last year, Vittoria de Savoia helped in the Haute Couture fashion show of the house of Dior, and the details were noted in the photographs: a black stripe that retained the identity of her mother’s dark hair in a cage. sight neat which lui sied à ravir.

Leonie Hanne

Mercredi, January 24, the last day in the Elie Saab Leonie Hanne catwalk of the Australian, a noir frock coat and velor with a half-up hairstyle. A look that goes perfectly with a miniature black robe.

Photos courtesy: Tinietashaa; Jennifer Lopez; Hailey Bieber

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