PHOTO – In a Dior Couture dance dress, Jenna Ortega is the star of the 2024 Emmy Awards

Following the Golden Globe and Critics’ Choice Awards on the night of January 15, Los Angeles is in full swing. On the sidelines of the 75th Emmy Awards There are many stars currently under pressure. Peacock Theater, I love the interweaving of sequins, rhinestones and sequins. Jessica Chastain, Selena Gomez, Monica Bellucci… If only they were all in the light and beautiful technology, Jenna Ortega made a particularly striking appearance on the red carpet..

Star Wednesday arborait une robe de danseuse qui paraissait tout droit sortie de la serie Bridgerton. This is a tulle creation in the shape of a bustier, signed by Dior Couture des détails delicatss très travaillés tels que des petites feuilles nacrées en Strass et des fleurs pourpres, en paillettes. A pair of chateauyante-style jewels from the Dior Joaillerie collection and a pair of sequined snails that create a romantic atmosphere. Du côté de sa mise en beauté, a cell that lays claim to these traits Mercedy Addams affichait une frange sople sur le côté et un maquillage natural. Prenan strikes a pose for a photo shoot, the 21-year-old actress in the glow of beauty.

© Sophie Carré / Dior

⋙ PHOTO – Jessica Chastain, Selena Gomez… The most beautiful images from the 2024 Emmy Awards

Jenna Ortega: Dior’s dedicated ambassador

© Richard Shotwell/AP/SIPA

Maintaining success in the series Wednesday, Jenna Ortega is quickly becoming the new icon of coquelouche that brands love.. Rules, invited to the front rows of Fashion Week, Adidas clothing was never dirty in the house of Dior, it was not the faithful Bosadrisa.

Later, on September 26, the comedian-illustrator in a beautiful ensemble Tailleur-Jupe Longue Blue Night, the light prime minister called on the cats of Jennifer Lawrence, Rosalia or Charlize Theron for an encore. I am sure that the young actress will be present in the French capital next week for the Couture of the House show.

⋙ PHOTO – Jessica Chastain, Selena Gomez… The most beautiful images from the 2024 Emmy Awards

Photo credit: Richard Shotwell/AP/SIPA

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