PHOTO – Jennifer Lopez: Her Memorable Met Gala Performances

J-6 ahead of the 52nd Met Gala! This event is the most attended among the world’s celebrities, which took place on May 6 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Chanson stars, actors and actresses, top models, fashion creators and other people discovered themselves in the avant-garde exhibition of la nouvelle du musée baptisée. Les beautés endarmies: the glorifier of fashion, and profit from dinner at the cinq étoiles très privé, before heading to a traditional party to dance the Jusqu’au bout de la nuit. This year the organizing committee awarded the dress code the title Garden of Time. On the other hand, imagine that most of the guests are like antiques, real treasures of history… Ce qui ne sera pas pour déplaire aux presidents this year, soigneusement choisis par Anna Wintour. La papesse de la mode is sought after by Zendaya, Chris Hemsworth, Bad Bunny and Jennifer Lopez from the charity gala team. Le moins que l’on puisse dire, c’est que cette dernière connaît le Met, as me sa poche, elle qui ya atendé pas moins de 13 fois!

Jennifer Lopez’s entire Met Gala premiere dates back to 2004, exactly 20 years ago. Ben Affleck’s separate love in the era and debut in a romantic style with Marc Anthony, interpreter Jenny from the block Await put together the Marches du Musée Bras dessus Bras collection with Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, the creators of this stunning black-teeth ruffled corset robe. The artist responds to the perfection of the theme with one work. Dangerous Liaisons: Regime and Mobility in the 18th Century. Deux ans plus tard, la sublime brune, devenue maman de ses jumeaux Max et Emme, expect a sensation in a pink Versace draped dress, to answer the topic Anglomania.

Jennifer Lopez attended the 2004 Met Gala premiere, created by creators Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.
© Weiss Sarah Jay/ABACAJennifer Lopez attended the 2004 Met Gala premiere, created by creators Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.

>> PHOTOS – Jennifer Lopez: returning in looks from her memorable Met Gala performances

Versace, Balmain… Jennifer Lopez is the owner of various meeting houses.

Parmi les autres Pieces portées par la tête d’affiche de destination wedding on the indelible gala annuity, on the saved notice of the long robe signed by Michael Kors in 2013, to respond to the topic Punk: chaos in fashion ; Sa Robe Rouge and a chair representing a dragon, Tout droit sortie des Ateliers Versace pour l’édition 2015 sur le theme China: through miracles ; or for an encore, the creation of Olivier Rousteing for Balmain, composed of a long train in trains and centens of Christo Brod in 2018, on the theme Corps of Angels: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.

Jennifer Lopez in a luxurious dress with rhinestones, a plunging neckline and assorted hairstyles, with a lavender sapphire necklace and 65 carats of diamonds signed by Harry Winston. Finally, the final star pays homage to Karl Lagerfeld, the theme for the 2023 edition, with a camellia by the pair, an old Hollywood-style robe and long black gloves—all a Ralph Lauren signature.

Jennifer Lopez ‘honored’ by Anna Wintour

Avec un tel historique de tenues toutes plus reversantes les unes que les autres et son statut de co-president, la tenue de Jennifer Lopez for this edition 2024 sera scrutée de très près… S’il faut patient before decoration, quel createur l’ habillera, the singer and actress conveys the full extent of her excitement as the event approaches in a video with Fashion Posted on April 18th on Instagram: “When Anna (Wintour)) t’appelle et te demande de co-animer le Met Gala, these are the most important events in fashion! Et récolter de l’argent pour le musée… This is a true honor! “C’est une belle chose a party à laquelle faire.”

Photo credit: Agence/Bestimage

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