Photos of Karol G that were going to be published with editing

Carolina Giraldo Navarrobetter known as Karol G, went through a not very pleasant moment. A Mexican magazine (CQ) put ‘La Bichota’ on the cover, but she did not expect that the image, which they were going to put, was going to be altered. When she realized this, she decided to post a photo of herself and then the one they edited.

“My face doesn’t look like that, my body doesn’t look like that and I feel very happy and comfortable with how I look natural,” she said through her Instagram. However, she thanked her for the nice gesture of thinking of her and putting her on the cover.

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“I appreciate opportunity magazine because I was very happy when they confirmed that I would be there, but Despite making clear my disagreement With the amount of edits they made to the photo, they didn’t do anything about it.”

For his part, the father of Karol G ‘Guillermo Giraldo’ decided to back her up. “How disrespectful. Your natural image is everything. The editors magazine or pick up”.

Likewise, celebrities also sent her a message of support, which shows that the Colombian is loved in different countries. In addition, Kimberly Loaiza, a Mexican influencer, decided to unfollow the magazine on their social networks.

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Now, after this commotion caused by photography, they leaked the images they were going to use for the cover. However, several say that she still has a filter, because she is not like that.

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