PHOTOS – Super Bowl 2024: Lady Gaga, Beyoncé and their girls… Stars on a date!

A group of stars settled down at Arrowhead Stadium in Las Vegas. On this day, February 11th, The person’s name is not listed at the time of application to participate in the Super Bowl final, opposite the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers. Comfortably seated in the stands, Beyoncé is accompanied by the songs of rapper Jay-Z and two girls, Blue Ivy and Rumi. Avec de leur pere, The two sisters have their hair down and are not ready to strike a pose in front of photographic names.. With respect to other couples in elegant outfits. Singer Lady Gaga appeared on stage three times, celebrated by her companion Michael Polansky. Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber This is also part of the part. From their home, Kim Kardashian to saying goodbye in the company of her sisters Khloe Kardashian and Kendall Jenner.

Other celebrities are equally family-friendly spots. Tandis that actor Paul Rudd disturbed the area on the shore of Jack’s son’s son, Elon Musk s’est fait plus restrained on the podium with son of Petit Garson X Æ A-XII. However, this is another lodge that is retrospective for the love of projectors. The venue featuring Sheri Travis Kelsey and Taylor Swift will be the winner of the big name match of our friends. Singer at an evening on the shore actress Blake Lively and singers Lana Del Rey and Ice Spice.. Translator during the match Get rid of it start of the train with dad another international star, Paul McCartney. The batter of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Chad Smith and Jared Leto, was opened. Celebrities who had previously gone to Usher became the venue for the Mi-Temp concert, as well as American football players.

>> PHOTOS – Super Bowl 2024: Taylor Swift, Paul McCartney, Jay and their girls…, stars in the stands

Taylor Swift: They’re into Travis Kelce, 2024 Super Bowl winner

Taylor Swift certain element Super Bowl final star. Kicking off the Japan concert, the 34-year-old singer performed at Arrowhead Stadium to support her partner Travis Kelce, a member of the Kansas City Chiefs. Lorske’s team scored the decisive touchdown, name interpreter Cruel Summer leisurely discovery into joy. Not once, not twice, Taylor Swift is not the empress of the descending generation by skin color for happiness when she makes a son cher ettender. Once the cameras were off, the pair followed the trend in the area. “Oh my God, this is incomprehensible”she loves the brilliant Taylor Swift as her favorite son. A reward for all the trophies in the world for Travis Kelce..

Photo credit: Behar Anthony/SPUS/ABACA

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