PHOTOS: Zendaya stole the show in her “edgiest look” at the 2024 Met Gala

Zendaya was one of the first celebrities to arrive at this year’s Met Gala in New York City and immediately turned heads with her dark and edgy ensemble.

The Euphoria actress perfectly embodied this year’s Sleeping Beauties: Fashion Revival, Garden of Time theme and dress code, rocking a dark purple and green tulle mermaid dress with hummingbird accents created by the fashion house. House Margielacomplete with Bulgari jewelry (for E News). The glamorous icon walked up the stairs with the perfect balance of grace and ferocity wearing a feathered birdcage hat paired with birds that hung around her neck and accentuated the stunning look throughout.

The entire look, right down to the light eyebrows and dark red lip, was created by the stylist Law Roachwho recently admitted that he put the ensemble together just days before the event.

Roach with spokes New York Times on Thursday (May 2), just four days before the Met Gala, revealing that this look didn’t exist yet.

“I didn’t see Zendaya’s dress! We went on two press tours—Dune 2 and Challengers—and did two Vogue covers. The dress hasn’t even been sewn yet. They won’t arrive until Saturday (May 4th).” Last month during an interview with Live with Kelly and MarkZendaya commented on the nervousness she experiences walking up the Met Gala stairs every year.

“Climbing the steps is very difficult and I haven’t been back here for probably four or five years. So this is my first visit to the Met in a long time.” Despite the initial fear of tripping, the straight-A student said she enjoys seeing looks come to life and enjoys helping stylists “create characters.”

Just when attendees thought Zendaya’s first Met Gala of the decade couldn’t get any more spectacular, the Dune 2 star returned with another look, this time wearing an extravagant black off-the-shoulder gown with a long train and an off-the-shoulder gown. a large garden headpiece filled with colorful roses.

This is Zendaya’s first Met Gala since 2019, and she absolutely stole the show. Watch the actress shine at the 2024 Met Gala in her extravagant “Garden of Time” outfit below!

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