Pierria Henry suspended for four years

The sanction against the American Pierria Henri is more of a form than a substance. Two Novembers ago, FIBA ​​inspectors arrived in Buesa and subjected the point guard to an anti-doping test. This gave the result “unconvincingBut this can be contrasted with counter-analysis. What he gave also did not transcend, he did not communicate, although now this does not matter at all. The truth is, Regardless of what science says, FIBA ​​is now suspending a player for urine violations. and applies retroactively to the date he was no longer an eligible player to compete, January 2023.

FIBA, almost a year and two months after the inspection, published Henry’s sanction. A fine that will last until 2027, and which began to count in 2023. The point guard, who was sanctioned more than a year ago, has repeatedly said he performed well. But now this sanction has been strengthened, and this is what the federal entity has expressed on its website. The decision is posted on the official FIBA ​​website. As soon as he was charged, he went to Barcelona for a few days, returned to Vitoria, received a hearty ovation from the fans, and then went home to the United States. From Baskonia, everything has been nothing but good words since then.

The International Federation explains that Pierria Henry violated Article 2.2 and I use “prohibited method”. The distinction is important because FIBA ​​sanctions refer to a prohibited method, not a prohibited substance. The sanction is calculated for 48 months., and will end on January 13, 2027, unless any allegations by the player are taken into account and the time is reduced. This is not positive, it is an action punishable for poor practice. In other sports, such as cycling, the reaction of all participants is much stronger. Immediate suspensions from teams, reprimands, and repeated stigmatization of the athlete.

This isn’t the first time this has been slow and annoying. It was clear that there was some kind of violation, because otherwise the rights of the player who could not wear shorts were violated. The Spanish Anti-Doping Agency had no information about Henri’s case. and every time he AS Diary When I contacted them, they noted that the matter was in the hands of FIBA ​​and they knew nothing about it. Fifteen months after this control, the decisions went beyond the scope. The club has not yet expressed its version of events, but it is possible that it will do so in the coming hours. The contract was terminated as soon as the case broke, but there was considerable support afterwards based on the presumption of innocence. And in affection for the player. But sanctions are already being discussed.

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