Pilates on the wall: famous people who practice it and who will convince you to join it

Surely you have already seen thousands of videos of pilates on the wall all over TikTok, Instagram and Pinterest, as it has officially become the practice fitness of the year and the truth is, we are not surprised! Its popularity has increased thanks to the fact that it can be done either outdoors, on machines or on a mat at home, and offers benefits such as improving posture, toning the figure and reducing stress.

Only on TikTok, this technique, which is also known as wall pilates, already accumulates more than three billion views (and counting)! That is why today, in honor of his triumph, we want to tell you who are the celebrities who practice it so that you are motivated to join his clan.

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Believe us that after knowing their names, you will be totally convinced to add pilates on the wall to your routine!

Miley Cyrus

In case you were wondering what the secret of Miley Cyrus for an enviable abdomen, the answer boils down to your non-negotiable pilates routine which he performs up to 5 times a week. Wow! She even revealed in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar Australia that she herself set up a practice studio from her home.

In addition to the exercise, the interpreter of Flowers also take great care of your diet; she used to be vegan, but she switched to a pescatarian diet when she realized she was missing some key nutrients to feel 100.

“I’ve had to introduce fish and omega-3s into my life because my brain wasn’t working properly,” he revealed on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast.

Instagram @mileycyrus

Now we understand that your self-love routine includes Pilates and a good dose of nutrients.

Jennifer Aniston

We must accept it: the actress has a spectacular body at 54 years old! And much of the answer centers around one of the workouts she practices: pilates on the wall. Thanks to the fact that it is ideal for any age, this exercise strengthens the muscles that you did not know about, and in the process, improves your posture, flexibility, concentration and even reduces joint pain.

It is well known that the Friends actress is addicted to this workout who practices 7 days a week.

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And besides, we are sure that Pilates is your key to staying happy and optimistic!

Gwyneth Paltrow

Although the actress is a great lover of exercise (and it is well known that she practices several sports), Paltrow’s favorite is pilates, which she does for lower your stress levels.

His fascination for this training is such that he has for sale two special mats for practicing this physical activity on his Goop page.

Instagram @gwynethpaltrow

Paltrow maintains a very active life and often shares it on Instagram.

Don’t wait any longer and go keep track of these celebrities because in one of these, it is possible that they share their personal routine of pilates on the wall! And if it’s not them, we’re sure the list of celebrities lovers of workoutit will grow.

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