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Manuel Amor

The Royal League is already finalizing negotiations for a landing at the following destination: Brazil. Gerard Piqué, president of the Cosmos company and organizer of the competition: In recent hours, he was seen together with Neymar in Barcelona. complete negotiations on the agreement. As promised, the current Al-Hilal player will become the president of the club and will play a fundamental role in spreading the tournament.

Before the Final Four match at the Camp Nou of the League just a year ago, the league itself published a video of Neymar, disguised as a mask, masterminding the kidnapping of Pique… with the aim of making him the man. “team for kings“And finally he will get it. Ronaldinhowho has already played in the Spanish streamers’ league wearing the Porsinos jersey, is also in the running to become the club’s manager, although his presence has not yet been confirmed.

The idea is in line with the competition’s expansion plan, which entered Latin America for the first time in October with James Rodriguez and singer Arcángel star. Although the new league is disputed under the name “America”, it is none other than the Royal League based in Mexico, targeting Latin American audiences and featuring 17 content creators from nine different countries. Marc Crosas (a Catalan living in the land of the Aztecs) and Miguel Layun (former El Tri national team player) are its directors.

The Royal League in Brazil will take place later, even if it was announced earlier. In July, Pique announced that 2024 would be the tournament’s “leap year.” “We’ll go to America, Brazil, France and Italy,” he announced in EFE. “They all have two things in common: they really love football and they have an important community streamers. This is how we were born and this is how we want to continue.“he explained.

Brazilian agent Andre Curie This Monday he shared on his Instagram a photo with Neymar, Pique and his client Vitor Roque, whom he took with him to Barça in January. Previously, until 2020, Curie was associated with the Barça club as a scout and as a person with very high institutional authority in Brazil. and in fact he brought Neymar to Barcelona in 2013.. His football career was in free fall and he was still recovering from a torn ACL and meniscus. Yes continues to diversify its business lines and has chosen Kings as its next stop.

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