“‘Plastic for Toys’ collects over 3 million bottles” | daily list

more than 3 million plastic bottles were gathered in the Dominican capital this Saturday as part of an initiative of Town hall To raise awareness about the national district Environment protection And, for the fourth year, it compensated thousands of people who distributed these containers with toys.

This volume is significantly higher than last year, when approximately 2.2 million bottles were collected, “highlighting the community’s commitment to environmental awareness,” the mayor’s office of the National District highlighted in a statement.

Since last night, thousands of people mostly Children‘ Crowds gathered around the Municipal Palace to take part in the activity.plastic for toys‘, in which City Hall He gave a total of 7,323 toys in exchange for the bottles.

Bottles collected during the event were delivered Bottles of Love FoundationThat leads to a strategy that transforms flexible plastic waste into “key elements for community well-being, such as homes, playgrounds and urban furniture made from recycled plastics,” the note said.

foundation He would use them to create benches and children’s playrooms for city parks.

amount of plastic The money collected this year “reflects our community’s growing commitment to the environment,” Mayor Carolina Mejia said.

“We are turning plastic into smiles, but also into structures and furniture that will benefit our city,” he stressed.

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