Play 3 days early with the Skull and Bones Premium Edition and get much more content

skull and Bones There are only a few weeks left before the game launches and is received by the public. has improved greatly with the latest details, images and trailers. that we were all able to see via the Internet. Its closed beta is partly to blame, and although it was too short, overall it seems that it was not a disaster as it could have been, given the MMORPG nature of the video game and the precedents we have had this year, since The day before.

Ubisoft is starting the year off on the right foot thanks to the excellent reception of the powerful Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown from which you can now read our analysis, and if skull and Bones It has a good launch and hopefully a good future in the short to medium term. The French company may have something to celebrate compared to other starts to the year. Now we have new details skull and Bones and the content that its Premium version will have.

Digital art book, soundtrack, costumes, decorations for your ship and much more.

Premium edition skull and Bones It will include a number of cosmetics, skins/outfits and extras that are normal for this type of content, but we should also add to this two new exclusive missions that no one else will be able to play unless they have purchased the Premium Edition through one of the available methods.

Premium edition skull and Bones It can be yours when you subscribe to Ubisoft+ at no extra cost. since it will include access to skull and Bones and a selection of over 100 video games. Also, you can play on the first day skull and Bones (i.e. three days earlier than anyone who purchased the base game without being the Premium Edition)

  • A game
  • Early access up to 3 days.
  • Collection “Bloody Bone Ballad”
  • Two additional exclusive missions: “Corsair of Ash” and “Legacy of Bloodbone”. Available only in this edition.
  • 84-page digital art book and digital soundtrack from skull and Bones.
  • Smuggler’s Pass, which unlocks the premium Smuggler’s Pass and additional content. Can be used at startup any new season.
  • Up to 11 different decorations for our boat
  • Pirate costume for our character

If you want to purchase a game or subscription through the Ubisoft website, you need this link. If you would like to pre-purchase the game from the Xbox Store in Spain, we will leave you with this link.

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