“Players realize what they have in Madrid when they are no longer there”

Tthey’re still kicking one Rodrigo’s statements in which the Brazilian questions his continuity in real life”. arrival of Mbappé and Endrick This summer they could change the profile of the young white striker, who has not explained whether he will continue his career next year. “Yes, well, anything can happen. I have a contract here, but the years I spent here were a pleasure for me,” he said on Dazn, putting all worries to rest.

The voice of experience, Peja Mijatovic, wanted to inform Rodrigo Goes about his possible departure from the white club, citing his own experience when he was active. “I was wrong to leave Madrid…”“, he stated in “El Larguero” from “Cadena Ser”.

The thoughts of the former Montenegrin player did not stop there; he went further. “The players don’t know what they have at Real Madrid. They begin to understand it when they are no longer there.” Whenever they ask me I say this Becoming a Real Madrid player is very difficult, but leaving is very easy… and they don’t know it. Then they leave, angry, I want more salary, whatever the reason, and two weeks later you say… it will be possible,” he reflected.

And Mijatović says this not just like that, but because of the experience he had when he was a player: “It happened to me, I went to Florence, a beautiful city, and two weeks later… For everything, first of all for the locker room, Ciudad Deportiva, the field, everything…”

Player worries about signings

The writer, who scored in the seventh edition of the European Cup against Real Madrid, gives his view of what might be going on in Rodrigo’s head these days as he contemplates the future after the summer: “I see a player who is a little worried about someone else’s arrival . This year he received ownership for the first time since he arrived and now he is a little afraid. What will happen to me? Yeah I will be in the background again when I have already shown that I can score goals.play well, I have a lot of talent… Maybe I haven’t reached Vinicius’ level, but I’m very close…”.

What Mijatovic does believe is that he was not entirely right in his statements: “The guy says: “I’m a little worried what will happen to me, now I have the opportunity (referring to the City option) to play or train.” .. with one of the best coaches, with a team of an important level… “He’s young and maybe a little hasty.”

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