PlayStation Plus Essentials confirms its first free game in February 2024

PlayStation Plus kicks off its February announcements in style by confirming the launch of a Square Enix game on the service.

PlayStation Plus Essentials confirms its first free game in February 2024

PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium has just released its January 2024 games, so PS5 and PS4 players can now access 14 titles added to the catalog subscriber services. With this in mind, it is time to focus on what will happen in month of February and although there is already a date to find out what new free games will be available PlayStation Plus Essentialsalready the first of three proposals was confirmed it will be available. And the best part is that it first day premiere.

So Square Enix itself confirmed this., the developer of the offering, via news of its next major launch. Near Foam stars, a video game that has been constantly compared to Splatoon since its official presentation. Therefore, all PlayStation Plus Essentials players You can download it for free and forever starting from February 6 next year., after which the game will be officially presented. So it will be one title per day per subscription, allowing players to save it forever. Will be available for both PS5 and PS4.

Foamstars, the first free game for PlayStation Plus in February 2024.

Let the bubbles fly! Get ready to join the frenzy of foam madness in a new 4v4 shooting game where you engage in battles using foam to attack, build and defend. It’s time to fight the foam with foam! Take on your opponents by spraying them with foam! Attack them enough to leave them completely covered in foam and defenseless. Creates 3D battles with foam mountains, that create and change the terrain around you. Shape the terrain to give your team the advantage and keep your opponents at bay!

Thus, The two games that will accompany Foamstars have yet to be revealed. as Free Games of the Month for February 2024 in PlayStation Plus Essentials. We’ll have to wait for the next one to find out. January 31, 17:30 (Spanish Peninsula time).

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