PlayStation Studios confirms cancellation of several projects following layoffs announced by Sony

Sony announced today that it will hold dismissal of 900 people in its divisions around the world, which will lead to staff reductions in some studios and complete closure of the London studiowhich was developing a multiplayer game in a fantasy version of London.

As a result of this reorganization process some PlayStation Studios projects have been canceled. This was confirmed in an official statement by Hermen Hulst himself, head of PlayStation Studios: “We analyzed our research and our portfolio, assessed projects at different stages of development and decided that some of these projects will not move forward,” he explains.

New twisted metal canceled and MMO horizon no danger

Officially The name of none of these projects has been disclosed., but it’s logical to assume that the London Studio game was canceled after the developer actually closed down. Launching a new twisted metalwhich has been rumored for a long time: journalist Jason Schreier, who was waiting for the official announcement of layoffs, claims that this release no longer in development.

New twisted metal it should have been a game as a serviceas Schreier, who handled development at Firesprite, explains: the game was still in early production and wouldn’t have gotten the green light yet. It was finally canceled after staff cuts affected the company responsible for its creation.

On the other hand, Schreier explains that although Guerrilla games also suffered from layoffs, multiplayer from the saga horizon no one has canceled: the one that is known as Project Skyline It will continue, although at the moment there is no more official information about this.

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