Podemos presented an initiative in Congress to request the expulsion of Israel from Eurovision 2024

can doin front of joint parliamentary group and signed by its spokesperson, ion bellarahas presented proposal not of law For debate before a full session of Congress regarding Israel’s expulsion from Eurovision,

In this, as we will see below, addresses the political party Governmenttill Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, and also rtveNaming and highlighting the important role in the European Broadcasting Union of the head of the Spanish delegation, Ana Maria BordasThose who promote Israel’s expulsion from the festival.

This political movement comes after the EBU reaffirmed that Israel participates in Eurovision 2024 (ensuring it is an “apolitical event” after vetoing Russia), and in Spain that Benidorm is among the presenters. One, coincides with the personal statement of Ines Hernand. On RTVE, on the same topic: “This is a genocide, a genocide, and I as an individual demand a ceasefire now and I have expressed myself in that sense. (…) Israel’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest when Russia was banned under similar circumstances…suggests another series of issues that have to do with capital.” At the European level, especially In the Nordic countries, there are strong movements calling for the expulsion of Israel, or a boycott of the festival if it participates in it.

They target RTVE and Ana Maria Bordas

In its multi-page presentation, Podemos highlighted the relevance of Eurovision, recalling that Spain is “part of the production of the event and the representation of our country. “It is paid for through public resources.”, and points out that the European Broadcasting Union itself states that “Eurovision is based on the principles of cooperation and aims to unite the participating countries through music, regardless of their cultural or linguistic differences.” Precisely for this reason, the sentence: “These values ​​and these objectives become incompatible with Israel’s involvement.”,

After recounting the situation Palestine is experiencing due to Israel’s attack, the text highlights: “It is worrying that the kind of showcase it represents Eurovision works to whitewash Facing millions of viewers of the Zionist state of Israel. Especially if, in 2022, the EBU decided to exclude Russia from the competition after its invasion of Ukraine, the same example that Ines Hernand already gave this Tuesday at the Benidorm Fest.

can do RTVE does not share the situationStating that the public corporation “has limited itself to confirming its participation in the 2024 edition and citing the official position of the EBU,” and asks that the series comply with the objectives established by law: “It “Ensure that its participation” serves to make the Eurovision Song Contest an event that celebrates diversity, rather than condemning a state that could potentially be held responsible for genocide before the International Criminal Court. yes.”

In fact, the party’s presentation directly mentions the head of the Spanish delegation, Ana Maria Bordas, remember that he is also part of the Reference Steering Group of the Eurovision Song Contest which is “in charge of supervision, approval and decision-making regarding the organization.” “This gives RTVE a strategic position to ensure that Eurovision meets minimum standards of respect for civil, constitutional and peace values,” he concluded.

For all this, Podemos proposes the following Non-legislative motion regarding Israel’s expulsion from EurovisionWhich we gather verbatim, in which they request that “The Congress of Deputies urges the Government of Spain:

  1. Position yourself clearly and unequivocally against Israel’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest.
  2. that he Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation To promote Israel’s expulsion from the Eurovision Song Contest together with the other countries of the Union.
  3. He rtveAs a member of the EBU and member of the Reference Group for the Eurovision Song Contest, it, along with other public broadcasters, promotes Israel’s expulsion from the contest in the same manner as was done with Russia following its invasion of Ukraine. ,

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