Point on the damned field

Visits to Tenerife have always been torture for Athletic. Damn field. Victory in eight visits was an advantage. The triumph was achieved last year. The time has come to break the curse and continue the good momentum that David Aznar’s group is experiencing, and the red and white, at the cost of great suffering, have achieved this. Nerea Nevado’s magnificent goal in the final stretch was enough to secure a point, which could have been more if Jone Amesaga had been more accurate.

The match began in equal conditions, with both teams taking turns playing. However, it was the local team that began to feel more comfortable at the Adeje Stadium. And those positive feelings were palpable when they arrived in the penalty area where, despite the lack of obvious scoring opportunities, they enjoyed some of the highlight reelings.


Flight; Blanco, Barroso, Gavira, Pena; Ramos, Thais (Paola, m.80), Moreno; Coco (Andrea, m.92), Babajide (Monday, m.66) and Blom (Marie Jose, m.80).




Nankler; Elekspuru (Pinedo, m. 60), Maddi, Bibi, Nevado; Zubieta, Mariana (Landaluze, m.78), Sara Ortega, Arana (Amezaga, m.60); Azkona (Sanadri, m.69) and Nekane (Zugasti, m.78).

  • Goals
    1-0, m.56: Thais. 1-1, m. 79: Snowball.

  • judge
    Luna Varo (Andalusian Committee). He reprimanded Babajida, Barroso and Monday. And he sent off Blanco for a double yellow card.

Despite this, Athletic’s defensive drills kept them in the game. The red and white managed to stop the speed of Babadij and Koko, two daggers on the flanks. Thus, the match ended in a 0:0 draw at halftime.

After passing through the locker room, the fight continued in the same spirit. The Tenerife team circled around the Nanclar area without success, and the lionesses did not quite find the key to finding Najicari and Azcona in the attack phase.

And after the hour mark a local goal was scored. A lateral foul that was poorly defended by the red and whites, which Thais took advantage of to single-handedly direct the ball into the back of Nanclair’s goal at the height of the penalty spot. With a disadvantage on the scoreboard, David Aznar brought on the field Pinedo, Amesaga, Sanadri and Sugasti. Four modifications that improve the red-white offensive. However, it was Nerea Nevado who equalized. A great addition from the left-back who produced a stunning shot through the middle that curled into the top corner.

With the score tied, Athletic went in search of victory. In addition, in the last minutes of the match, due to Blanco’s sending off, they had the opportunity to play with one more player. And victory was close to flying to Bilbao in stoppage time, but Amesaga’s shot went wide of the goal.

For the second year in a row, the Lionesses scored on Tenerife, their cursed ground, and picked up a valuable point that allows them to go five games in a row unbeaten.

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