Poland guarantees arms deliveries to Ukraine despite farmers’ blockade

Following protests at the Polish-Ukrainian border, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said that arms transport to Ukraine is not in danger of being blocked.


Czech farmers joined protests taking place in several Central and Eastern European countries on Thursday express your dissatisfaction With agricultural policies.

Farmers moved to big cities and the borders of Slovakia, Poland and Germany in protest against the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and demand more subsidies After the influx of products from Ukraine to the European market.

Farmers in the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Lithuania and Latvia do so joint protest Thursday.

Ukraine, a key point

Following protests at the Polish-Ukrainian border, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said weapons transport into Ukraine They are not at risk of being blockedAdding that the roads and highways through which weapons and ammunition reach Ukraine will be included in the list of critical infrastructure.

“I never give up in my efforts to protect the interests Of Polish farmers. Of course, the situation is not simple for most of our partners in the West,” Tusk said.

“Aid to Ukraine also includes Commercial and financial dimensionsBut in this sense, Poland and Polish agricultural producers are most affected,” he said.

joint solution

Tusk also said that the governments of Poland and Ukraine they will meet in warsaw On March 28 to address all issues related to grain, as well as Ukrainian agricultural products and military aid.

He said that he is in permanent contact with European institutions and Kiev to find a solution. For the problem of Ukrainian agricultural products In European market.

National Tractor Unit

Meanwhile, in Spain, a tractor unit with thousands of farmers from across Andalusia approaching the port of Algecirasin the far south of the country, with the aim of blocking it completely.

On Wednesday, thousands of farmers took to the streets of Madrid with hundreds of tractors and banners, chanting slogans such as:Without the field, there is no lifeOr “consume Spanish products.” The day ended with two prisoners taken and at least ten injured.

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