Police locate the baby who was stolen from San Miguel Hospital; there are two captured

A video captured the moment the newborn baby was taken from the hospital by a woman who appeared to be a nurse.

The National Civil Police (PNC) has reported that it has already found the newborn who was stolen from the San Juan de Dios National Hospital in San Miguel on Saturday morning. They also reported the capture of a man and a woman who were found.

Police arrested a man and a woman in Nueva Guadalupe Municipality, San Miguel Department, who were found with the stolen baby. Photo/Courtesy PNC

“We have located the child who was stolen from the San Juan de Dios Hospital this morning in Nueva Guadalupe, San Miguel. He is being treated by specialist doctors to avoid any injuries and returned to his family The incident occurred this morning, when a woman disguised as a nurse stole him from the hospital. “We have captured a man and a woman who disguised themselves as a newborn baby,” the PNC published on its social networks. Presented as a parent.”

The police institution assured that it is still searching for the woman who posed as an employee at the aforementioned hospital in order to steal the child. “We are continuing to search for the woman who pretended to be a nurse and others may also be involved,” he said.

According to information published by relatives, the theft of the child occurred this Saturday morning, when a woman, dressed as medical personnel, came to ask for the child from the mother under the pretext of feeding him. He handed it over, confident that they would indeed feed him.

Police shared pictures of the moment the woman stole the child.

However, shortly afterwards another nurse arrived asking for the child for the same purpose, to which the mother D.D.R. indicated that they had already taken him away. Then he realized the theft, so he immediately informed the hospital and his relatives, who spread the information with the aim of finding the child.

After the case went viral on social networks, police confirmed they were investigating the theft of a newborn baby, later releasing a video showing a woman, dressed in the same clothes as hospital staff, carrying the baby And then she puts it away. In a backpack, to take it out of the hospital.

Relatives regretted the lack of control over the security of people’s entry and demanded an immediate search for the baby, who was born last Tuesday, but due to medical recommendations, he and his mother remained in the hospital.

The police have not yet released the identity of the man and woman who had the baby, only that it was found in the municipality of Nueva Guadalupe, always in the San Miguel department, from where it was stolen.

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