Poor creatures est-il sexiste? Emma Stone and Yorgos Lanthimos responded to criticism

“If you let me be the lead actress and producer of the film, then I won’t see Bella Baxter as the child.”

Emma Stone On parole due to allegations of sexism in the project Poor creatures from Yorgos Lanthimos. Oscar Nominated Comedian Actress 35 and Embodying the Leading Role Experience Lanthimos, Bella Baxter. “The Reborn London Girl, the Grace and Scientific Advances of Dr. Baxter” (Willem Dafoe) is at the center of a controversy that caused the film’s premise to be flawed. Les prémisses de l’expérience projettent Bella dans un corps d’adulte, mais avec un cerveau d’enfant. This is bien là le problem. Très vite, elle s’expose au plaisir de la Chair, l’exploration des corps, le Temple et ceux de ses partenaires. Critics insult this aspect of the film: child, child, child, a play on sexual freedom, premature and inappropriate.

Au-delà de la thematique, les réactions ont also pointé du doigt le male gaze Realizer, Emma Stone, animator les Scenes de Sexe et de Nu dans Poor creatures.

If I may, as the film’s lead actress and producer, I don’t see Bella Baxter as a child.“I answered Emma Stone Ouch Time.

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More meme cela est trop Litteralassessment for the part Yorgos Lanthimos, If you see a movie that you only think about in a child’s neck, you too will go through the movie’s narrative. If you start mentally analyzing the film and thinking that it will pass, you will be convinced that the film did not work.

Emma Stone as a benefit to point out that people are not satisfied with actualized films: “I talk more about what concerns the debut, on it: “On est Tellement Amoureux Qu’on Finit les Frases de l’Autre”, Et puis, au fil du temps, ça devent: “Tu m’interromps toujours.” You can also create movies within the cinema that raise a lot of questions that have answers.

I know people who saw the film and thought it was the dumbest romantic comedy ever, and others who viewed the film with horror. And this is menacing”chasing an actress.

Dans une Critique pour Independent, Clarissa Lowry “a fait l’éloge de la Performance”brave“d’Emma Stonebut also to understand the voyeurism of a long film:

Some parts of the film are disturbingly voyeuristic. For example, Lanthimos derives fetishistic pleasure from watching Bella service his various clients, as well as older, hairy, nauseous women after lunch as they begin work at a brothel in Paris.

The Laura d’unes visit the capital, Emma Stone This is the income in the female dimension of the film when it ignites again. The press conference goes through all the points of the tournament regarding the zero scenes, as well as the conflict between the actors and the many freedoms and trust in the equipment. Poor creatures This name is included in the 11 Oscar categories that will be revealed to you. March 10, 20247:00 pm to 10:30 pm (1:00 am to 4:30 am in French) at Hollywood’s Dolby Theater for 3,400 venues held after 2002.

Emma Stone – Pauvres Créatures: “Bella is a character that randi la plus hour for me”

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