Pope Francis baptizes 16 children in Sistine Chapel

Pope Francis at the baptism in the Sistine Chapel (Vatican Media/Reuters)

He Pope Francisco This Sunday he highlighted the importance of baptismA sacrament by which one receives “The most beautiful gift is trust”, during the ceremony in which he baptized 16 girls and boys who were his “true heroes”, filling the solemn Sistine Chapel with tears for a day.

This ceremony, full of rites, commemorates the baptism of Jesus in the waters of the River Jordan and is one of the few that takes place in the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel, beneath the magnificent frescoes by Michelangelo and in the place where conclaves are held. Are. to elect the Pope

Romeo, Cecilia, Matteo, Vittoria, Bianca, Giulia, Leonardo and Francesco are some of the names chosen by the Pontiff this Sunday for the babies baptized, including a pair of twins.

“We have come here to baptize, to give the gift of faith to our children, who are the true protagonists of this ceremony,” so “They can shout, they can walk, they can rule, ’cause it’s their party” Francisco said in a brief impromptu sermon addressed to the parents and godparents of young children, all of whom are Vatican employees.

Francisco smiles at one of the children being baptized
It is the first of the seven sacraments of the Catholic faith.

After highlighting that little children will receive “the most beautiful gift, that of faith, of the Lord,” the Pontiff expressed his gratitude to the parents of those being baptized for allowing them to enter the Church and Asked to remind them of this. date every year, because It is “like a new birthday” representing “rebirth into the Christian life.”

“To you, parents and godparents, I want you to help and support these children, help them grow because this is a way to help grow confidence in them, thank you for your commitment, give them confidence To get here to get,” he said. ,

And he stressed that young children should feel comfortable during their ceremony: “If they cry, because right now they’re quiet, but it’s enough for someone to pass a note and the concert starts, they don’t have to cry.” Let, he said sympathetically.

And they told moms to “breastfeed them if they’re hungry, stay calm right here.” If they are hot, take off your clothes because sometimes the heat hurts them.”

“They are heroes because They will also testify to us today how trust is achieved, with innocence, with openness of heart.”, he stressed.

During the ceremony, which began with Pope Francis making the sign of the cross to the children and their parents, the children received anointing on the chest by two followers: the Apostolic Almoner, Polish Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, and the President of the Governorate of Vatican City State. , Spanish Bishop Fernando Vergés.

Then came the administration of baptism, when water was poured on the heads of little children, who Francis personally created the baptismal font While the younger children, curiously and somewhat unusually, remained silent.

After this the children were dressed A white garment, symbolizing new life after baptismAnd then each father approached the Paschal candle located near the Pope to light a candle for each baptized person whose mouth and ears had been touched by those conceived in the last rites of this long ceremony.

Next, Francisco, despite his mobility problems that require him to move around in a wheelchair, came to chat with the parents and siblings of the baptized, with whom he took some photographs.

(with information from EFE)

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