Portability fails and these are the most common problems.

Fact transition from one operator to another This shouldn’t be a problem, but it is true that there may be different circumstances in which portability may be denied. And not only is there one reason, but there is more than one, which is repeated more often than you might think. If you don’t want to have an idea of ​​what these operator failures are, you can find the most common errors here.

If the transfer process failsmobile or landline service will not be dependent on the new telephone company. It all depends on the original operator you want to leave. If the new company confirms that your change was denied, there are a number of reasons that we will explain below that could be the culprits.

Mobile portability prohibited

If you are having trouble switching your mobile line from one operator to another, you must understand that there are several reasons that could be causing this error. The most common mistakes are:

  • Problems with owner data– If the company does not find a match with the owner’s data, portability will be denied. It is possible that the originating company provided incorrect owner information or, as with all human errors, you made an error when entering the information. In any case you will have to reconfirm the owner’s name, surname and ID companies of origin.
  • SIM card ICC: 19-digit identifier allows each customer’s SIM card to be identified. Therefore, if the ICC does not match the one listed with your carrier, the change will be rejected until that serial number is verified again.
  • Inactive or incorrect mobile phone number: If this mobile line is not active with the original operator, then it cannot be transferred. Just as when filling out the data the number is entered incorrectly, it is logical that portability is denied.

SIM card-2

Why are they canceling my landline change?

If in your case you are considering changing your landline phone, then it is also important to know what are the most common reasons why you may experience problems when porting. In this case, the errors are as follows:

  • Property details: As with mobile portability, if the owner’s details do not match, then this problem may arise. Therefore, you will have to first confirm the details with your current company, and once this is done, call the new operator so that the process can be resumed.

Are there other reasons?

In addition to the previous issues that may arise during this process, the reality is that there are a number of other reasons why your current carrier may reject your portability. And at any time, the destination company must inform you of the situation and why it was cancelled. So, here are other reasons that you should take into account:

  • Justified reasons for force majeure such as natural disasters, strikes and others.
  • SIM card with the number you want to port. loss or theft has been reported to the current company.
  • Scoring: Operators analyze users’ ability to pay before accepting portability. This is an automatic analysis, and if they do not score sufficiently, they can cancel the change, request additional documents or guarantees.

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