pourquoi c’est la meilleure BO du cosmos

Music from the film Under the skin avec Scarlett Johansson by Mika Levy is a piece of work. And the latest news.

In 2013 it was more than now. Not in the showerafter a year of developing or failing to make a big-budget movie about an alien couple (starring Brad Pitt), Under the skin Accueilli dans les huées (la présentation désastreuse à la Mostra de Venise), etc. le silence (un Bide au Box-Office).

Neanmuan, the film was directed and co-written by Jonathan Glazer, primarily his lower back. In 2013 the most famous event great film for people in good mood (like Ecran Large). And say after dinner: il reste bien acré dans les memoires, surtout avec la sortie de Area of ​​interestJonathan Glazer’s new film.

L’occasion parfaite pour reparler de l’une des plus beauties réussites d’Under the skin : his music, composed by Mika Levy.

anti-film music

Dance Under the skin, Scarlett Johansson talks a lot. Pas étonnant donc que la musique soit chargee de sens: elle devient quasiment alien parole and wedding parade expression. She fights rhythmically, accompanies her victims and does it from glass as the body looks and strives into the anti-chamber de l’enfer. À tel point qu’Under the skin pourrait être privé de ses quelques Dialogs pour être a unique story about images and music.

After all, Jonathan Glaser is all of the music behind the direction of the film. I’ll be a meme What is the function “against” the filmand does not look like a normal BO. C’est pour ça qu’il a choisi quelqu’un qui n’avait, who has never composed for cinema: Mika Levi aka Mikachupop group Good Sad Happy Bad (ex-Micachu and the Shapes).

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