Powerful women: from Dolly Parton to Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift

Now next time about the reasons explaining the success of Beyoncé’s latest album., this week we’re focusing on two female musicians and rulers of the world: Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus. Taylor Swift is renewing the registration of her entire discography in order to be able to control the terms of distribution and use of her music. Unlike Miley Cyrus, she left a long 20-year career and played a decisive role in the American elections.
Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus on the most common moments: L’Amérique les a vues grandir à de l’upolescent, les sont émancipées de Leur Role de jeune Girle parfaite qui leur était associée et surtout, toutes les Deux ont Accepté la Country Music. Alors est-ce un chasard que ces deux jeunes femmes se soient, tied to this musical genre, qui est née dans le South des états-unis il ya dump un siècle et qui a été, formalized and commercialized by white Americans, the poor and conservative plutos ? Pourtant, et malgré son terreau, la Country a su mettre en lumières des femmes de femmes resilientes et invincible, comme elles deux?

Dolly Parton as Marren

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Today Dolly Parton is 78 years old and already one of the most popular country singers in the world. Pas étonnant alors reports that Miley Cyrus offers an acoustic reprise of her chanson “Jolene”. She was born in Nashville, Tennessee, in the land that loves me. Sa mère est record producer and son of a composer and country singer (Billy Ray)
Country is the music of the good old days, commercialized and celebrated since the 1920s by white workers, farmers and the poor. About Miley Cyrus She met the Disney star at the age of 13. She embodied an autobiographical role: Celui d’une jeune femme, the introduction of a cow boy on an aunt who came to fruition in family music under the name of Hannah Montana and who invented a double for the paparazzi. Later she will be freed from the guardianship of her sons, as well as from the image of a young girl and the temperament that gave rise to the series. She talks privately and suggests names of pop and rap music. Titles that evoke explicit sexuality and shock America’s conservative party. Elle reconquiert son public avec son retour vers des titres plus pop, plus simples, plus épurées avec des textes resilients and worthy of the great country tradition. His collaboration with Dolly Parton confirms his interest in country music and his place among the greatest music of this genre.

Taylor Swift and her son – a sense of storytelling

Chanson “Betty” Taylor Swift is the release of her 2020 album entitled “Folklore”. And they’re dedicated to highlighting Taylor Swift’s storytelling talents. In two other songs, “August” and “Cardigan,” Taylor Swift met an on-stage love triangle between three teenagers: Betty, James and the singer. “Les trois musiques Racontent Cette Histoire d’Amour Esivale Entre ces Jeunes de 17 Anthre, Chaque Chanson, Importance pour la pointe sur l’Histoire. It’s Taylor Swift’s ability to talk about the love of teenagers who braid fans, fast cages and everything that analyzes penned lyrics, interprets and so on, after they debut. Taylor Swift arrives in the American countryside with a piercing manner, at 16, with an album of the same name, and in the future she will be available for her special storytelling abilities in étonnante for her young age. Melodies and simple words are of course best suited to talk about the worries of teenagers with a lot of justice.

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