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Ricardo Fort’s young daughter quickly became a true trendsetter.

After a very intense year, Martita Fort decided to start 2023 in Punta del Este, to take a well-deserved vacation with the intention of relaxing her head and thus starting a year that will have her with many responsibilities. But of course, for some time, the young woman became a true celebrity on the networks and what used to be about relaxing photos with her friends, now became a profession, where the young woman, intentionally or not, begins to set trends.

No one can say that 2022 was an easy year for Felipe and Martita Fort; what was the great year in which they would turn 18 years old, and thus inherit the fortune left to them by their father, Ricardo Fort, became the year they had to fire Gustavo Martínez, their legal guardian (and almost a father to them) committed suicide a few days after his birthday.

For this reason, the young people decided to take a break and spend a few days in Punta del Este, and it was there that the young daughter of Ricardo Fort began to show her most fashionista side. So much so, that from her social networks, Felipe’s sister decided to start showing her favorite looks, including a very chic beachy one that set a trend among her followers.

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In front of the mirror of the hotel where she is staying, Martita took a photo where she is seen wearing a total black microbikini, one of the great trends of the season, which other women in show business have also worn in recent days. , like Andrea Rincón and Zaira Nara (and if we go internationally Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian).

But of course, Fort blood runs through her veins and the micro-bikini is not normal, since it has golden chains on the straps and the straps adorned with transparent stones and charms. What is inherited is not stolen says the saying, and the young woman has the same super exotic style as Ricardo Fort.

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