Price of the dollar today, August 15: Exchange rate in Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua…

After closing the week with losses, the US dollar starts the day with a slight downward trend.

For the fifth week in a row, the US currency starts the session lower as the market is awaiting economic data of relevance in the United States.

Currently, the expectations that the Federal Reserve of the United States (Fed) will be less aggressive in the increases to its interest rate are increasing, since July inflation was below expected levels, falling from 9.1 to 8.5 percent, according to official data from the Department of Labor.

On the contrary, the dollar index (DXY), that measures the behavior of the currency against a basket of the six most important currencies, started the day with a rise of 0.51 percent, standing at 106,040 units.

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Price of the dollar today, August 15: Exchange rate in Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua…

Next we share How much is the US dollar today, Monday, August 15, in Mexico and part of Central America according to the most recent update of, recognized financial website with high impact globally.

  • Mexico: 19.9622 Mexican pesos (MXN)
  • Costa Rica: 667.04 Costa Rican Colon (CRC)
  • Guatemala: 7.7400 quetzals (GTQ)
  • Honduras: 24.6015 lempiras (HNL)
  • Nicaragua: 35.9050 gold cordobas (NIO)


  • Mexico: 19.9555 Mexican pesos | Yesterday: 19.8290 Mexican pesos
  • Costa Rica: 666.33 Costa Rican colon | Yesterday: 666.33 Costa Rican Colon
  • Guatemala: 7.7250 quetzals | Yesterday: 7.7250 quetzals
  • Honduras: 24.4030 lempiras | Yesterday: 24.4030 lempiras
  • Nicaragua: 35.8100 gold córdobas | Yesterday: 35.8100 gold córdobas


  • Mexico: 19.9555 Mexican pesos | Yesterday: 19.8680 Mexican pesos
  • Costa Rica: 667.75 Costa Rican Colon | Yesterday:667.75 Costa Rican colon
  • Guatemala: 7.7550 quetzals | Yesterday: 7.7550 quetzals
  • Honduras: 24,8000 lempiras | Yesterday: 24,800 lempiras
  • Nicaragua: 36,0000 gold córdobas | Yesterday: 36,000 gold cordobas

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