Price of the dollar today, January 19: Exchange rate in Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua…

The U.S. dollar starts the session in a mixed way.

For the morning of this Thursday, January 19, the greenback rises and gains ground against the Mexican peso, but falls against other currencies. The performance of the coin is result of new fears about a possible global recession, same ones that increased after the disclosure of weak consumption data in the United States.

According to official US government figuresretail sales contracted 1.2 percent compared to last Decemberwhile industrial production contracted 0.7 percent per month, raising the risk of an economic recession in the American Union by 2023.

Added to that, The Federal Reserve of the United States (Fed) has reiterated its position regarding the rise of points in interest rates with the objective of decrease inflation. Now, the rate stands at 6.5 percent, meaning the Fed’s hawkish stance has paid off.

It is expected that the next increase of the Central Bank is 25 base points and make yourself known beginning of February.

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Price of the dollar today, January 19: Exchange rate in Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua…

Then, How much is the US dollar in Mexico and part of Central America this Thursday, January 19, according to the most recent update of; recognized financial website with high impact globally.

  • Mexico: 19.0299 Mexican pesos (MXN)
  • Costa Rica: 563.30 Costa Rican Colon (CRC)
  • Guatemala: 7.8500 quetzales (GTQ)
  • Honduras: 24.6698 lempiras (HNL)
  • Nicaragua: 36.5400 gold córdobas (NIO)


  • Mexico: 19.0124 Mexican pesos | Yesterday: 18.6895 Mexican pesos
  • Costa Rica: 562.85 Costa Rican colon | 564.35Costa Rican colon
  • Guatemala: 7.8400 quetzales | 7.8350 quetzales
  • Honduras: 24.5395 lempiras | 24.5431 lempiras
  • Nicaragua: 36.0800 gold cordobas | 36.0800 gold cordobas


  • Mexico: 19.0377 Mexican pesos | Yesterday: 18.7149 Mexican pesos
  • Costa Rica: 563.75 Costa Rican colon | 565.75 costa rican colon
  • Guatemala: 7.8600 quetzales | 7.8600 quetzales
  • Honduras: 24.8000 lempiras | 24.8000 lempiras
  • Nicaragua: 37.0000 gold cordobas | 37.0000 gold cordobas

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