Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown Analysis: The Best of Ubisoft

Prince of Persia This is one of the oldest franchises. in the world of video games. Over the almost 25 years of its existence, it has experienced many restarts, being The sands of Time one of the most memorable. WITH remake postponed indefinitely, Ubisoft has decided to revive the saga with Prince of Persia: The Lost Crowna project that unintentionally It became one of the company’s best games. in recent years.

The admiration it caused Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown among fans this is due to debut that became the object of hatred and memes. Ubisoft presented the first trailer during Summer Game Fest 2023 with rap song. According to Munir Radi, the director of the game, the song has an energy that can surprise the audience. However, the reaction was so intuitive that the project deserved the indifference of many.

It’s a shame that Ubisoft didn’t put more time and resources into promoting it or changing the story. After 25+ hours it became clear to me that Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown it’s youa breath of fresh air for the company and the industry. The game moves away from the outdated open world formula and instead offers cross-genre platforming that’s balanced to perfection.

Studio Montpellier has applied its many years of experience in working with Rayman and the end result is worth celebrating. Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown It will not only be a candidate for game of the year, but also one of Ubisoft’s best games of the last decade.

A new hero appears on the scene

Prince of Persia Lost CrownPrince of Persia Lost Crown

Story Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown focuses on Sargon, a warrior who is part of the elite group Los Inmortales. At one point in the game, Sargon and his allies are sent into battle. mission to rescue Hasan, Prince of Persia, who was kidnapped by the Immortal and taken to Mount Kaf. Known in Islamic tradition as the furthest point on Earth, this place is full of surprises and connected to time.

The first levels serve to introduce you to the game mechanics. Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown This metroidvania where the goal is to explore, unlock skills, access new areas and discover treasures or secret areas. Sargon has two swords to perform combos and special moves to defeat his enemies and some big bosses.

He Controls are fast and allow you to combine skills connect an endless battery of strikes, block or perform parries. This is one of the most outstanding elements of the game, because at times you feel like you’re playing a mixture Devil May Cry With Castlevania. The rhythm was a success because metroidvania in recent years they seem to be relying on mechanics soul-like with slow movements and high difficulty.

The speed of combat and movement is maintained by captivating world design that encourages exploration. Mount Kaf is divided into several areas with different aesthetics, unique enemies and obstacles that we need to overcome in order to progress. The developers wanted to prevent the player from being overloaded or you will lose your compass, which happens in games of this genre.

Good balance of complexity and accessibility options.

Prince of Persia Lost CrownPrince of Persia Lost Crown

To do this, they offer accessibility options that range from guided mode that indicates where we need to go, a feature that allows you to avoid puzzles or highlight hidden areas. While some may consider this to downplay the game, they are completely optional and are disabled by default. He the average player will depend on his reading of the script and some additions, such as the ability to mark points of interest on the map so you can visit them later.

Thus, the levels have a reasonable level of difficulty and require a combination of skills to overcome obstacles. more complex areas where unlockable items are located is required precise movements and time ideal for performing rush up or double jump. As usual in metroidvaniasome platforms are temporary or activated on command, so you’ll have to explore the level before performing your actions.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown It has puzzles, which require activating objects, stepping on certain areas, or using one of our abilities. Although they are not as frequent as the ones we saw in the trilogy. The sands of Timehis presence andbalance the fast pace of gameplay. There are also NPCs that sell items or give side quests, mostly near save points indicated by a tree.

On a visual level, Ubisoft Montpellier opts for stylized graphics similar to those found in Darksiders or World of Warcraft. This method is ideal for optimizing resources and allows Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown run at 60 frames per second on various platforms. The style is varied and dynamic thanks to the different color palettes used by the developers.

Because Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown This is one of Ubisoft’s best games.

General experience with Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown This is more than positive. Some people note that the plot is not that deep, but in a game of this genre the most important thing is that Attractive gameplay and level design. On both counts, the Ubisoft game works perfectly.

I like that it’s Fast gameplay, with a good balance of enemy and puzzle difficulty. I applaud Ubisoft for not falling into fashion soul-like and force this mechanic as they will move away from the concept Prince of Persia. I also appreciate that the developers didn’t unnecessarily lengthen the story or add aggressive micropayment options.

My criticism applies only to the PC versionas Ubisoft insists on betting on its launcher and there is no version for Steam. Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown This would be the perfect game for the Steam Deck. without having to depend on scenarios or additional steps. Of course, once this is achieved, the game will run perfectly on the Valve laptop.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown is one of the best games you can enjoy in 2024. She’s as big as Metroid Horror, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and other references to the genre. The game is available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Windows PC (Ubisoft Connect).

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